Plus Size 24+ Vintage/Previously Owned Clothing

Plus Size Vintage

                                             Plus Size Vintage

I know you know I love “vintage”. There is not much of it in a Size 24+, and I suspect the term used clothing would be more appropriate than vintage. Please click on the links underneath each photo, above, for more information.

But I love it just the same, and there are some good deals out there if you are willing to shop.

So I thought I would go on a hunt to see what I can find in my size (I can usually wear a UK Size 28, to compare my measurements to yours, click HERE) and here are my results.

And of course my list of the FatToo Groups and other plus size clothing groups on Facebook can be found HERE, with a special shout out to FatToo Grand Size 28+. The FatToo groups are not intended to make money for the creators of the group or the sellers, it is not a commercial venture. It is just a way to share clothing that is no longer working for the seller. There are rules, and I suggest you read them before you buy or sell anything.

I would love to hear from you if you have suggestions to add to my list.

I expect that there will be additions as I go along, so check back now and again and see if I have added anything.


Vintage Dr. Martens

doc martensI have a friend Nancy Frank Radin, you met her here, and guess what, she does not buy retail.  This photo is of her 1980 vintage Dr. Martens.  How cool are those?  I have always had a point of view that I can’t buy vintage because it does not come in my size, and that I have to buy retail, but Nancy is proving me wrong.  Maybe it is time to try a consignment store or two.

I would love to know what your experience has been with all alternative forms of shopping: thrift stores, Facebook sites, online consignment, Goodwill.  Tell me how to do it.

Thanks Nancy, for making me think about things in a different way.

Update: May 15, 2013: Nancy’s comments: I love the look of those black and white shoes,  so graphic and comfortable yeah even good wheels and Goodwill’s have plus size racks now it’s great to repurpose and recycle clothing.