Matchie Matchie in my Domino Dollhouse, asos Curve and We Love Colors Outfit

Domino Dollhouse, asos curve, we love color I showed up at a staff meeting yesterday (although I am a volunteer) at the Burning Man Project and there was my friend Jennifer Raiser (who is an amazing blogger and writer) and we each had on our matchie matchie outfits including a black bubble skirt, flats, and a patterned red blazer.  It was so fun I just had to tell you about it.

Sweater: Domino Dollhouse – Size 4X – (out of stock)
Dress: ASOS Curve – Size 22 U.S.
Tights: We Love Color – One Size
Shoes: Facebook FatToo Accessora

We Love Colors striped tights in both the black striped tights and the white striped tight are one plus size tights.  I am a size 26-28, weigh 275 lbs., height 5’5″ and these tights just fit me and I love them.  I have included the weight and height chart below.

we love color plus sized one size tights chart

On the other hand We Love Colors has a solid color tight that runs up to 375 lbs., (and maybe even a little higher if you extrapolate from my weight in the prior chart).

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 1.09.04 PM

we love color plus size tights chart


photo: Ben Thompson

7 thoughts on “Matchie Matchie in my Domino Dollhouse, asos Curve and We Love Colors Outfit

  1. I was hesitant to order any of the one size tights from We Love Colors. But now that I’ve seen them on you I think they’ll fit! You look great 🙂

    • I love them, I have a couple of pair. My legs are not the heavy part of my body, but I have a big tummy and they fir there. I am gathering various tights to do a post about them so watch for it soon. Thanks for writing.

  2. I am SO glad I saw this post! I’ve been eyeing the green/black and purple/black stripe for a while because my family is going to see Wicked next month. I’ve been dying to witch it up a bit. Cute little black dress, striped tights and black flats. Sounds perfect to me!

    • Unfortunately my outfit plan did not work out. If I had been several inches to a foot shorter they would have been prefect! I even tried cutting the legs off to use them as thigh highs, but alas I couldn’t find a satisfactory garter belt. If the outfit ever pans out, I’ll send you a picture.

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  4. Melinda, I am so sorry they did not fit, especially since you wanted them for a special occasion. I am 5’5″ and weigh 284 and carry most of my weight in my tummy and torso rather than my legs. Sorry if I gave you cause to hope. I have been there.

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