Plus Size Planets from Retrolicious

Planets Dress RetroliciousYou may know that I tutor first grade reading two mornings a week.. So when I see a dress I like, that I think might also entertain them, I have to have it, and that is how I bought this fun dress with planets (and stars! and a galaxy!) all over it.
screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-3-29-21-amIt is sleeveless so I will need a jacket or a little sweater over it in the winter. It was 56 degrees here in the San Francisco Bay today. I especially love it because it is a mini skirt. I am only about 5’4″ these days and I like my dresses to come just to my knee and not below the knee.
Every time I wear it people comment on it, the colors are so vibrant.

Here is the DRESS (only in a 4X).
Here is a link to a skirt in this fabric.

So here are links to a couple of other Retrolicious dresses in a Size 4X (I am wearing a 3X in this photo).

Footless Tights: SWAK Designs, my favorite, they don’t ride up, they are opaque, and this pair is two years old. And OMG, they seem to be out of stock.
This is my alternative:
Re-Dress Teggings (Extra Long and Regular in varied colors) (but they seem to be out of black too)

To compare my measurements to yours click HERE.

Peace, Affinity

photo: Jim Hirabayashi