That Last Moment of Black Floral for Summer!

black-floral-dress-best-picmonkey-jimI bought this Lovesick floral print, scuba fabric dress on sale a couple of weeks ago. We usually have a little warm weather in October here in California and I thought it would be good for those days. You may have noticed that florals on black are everywhere this year. It is cute, but I find scuba fabric a little hot and cloying, so I don’t know how much I will be wearing this dress. But right now it is on sale, so check it out!

cutout-picmonkey-black-floral-dress-good-jimBut I was not paying attention, and I did not realize that it has a little cut-out just above the waist, that shows skin. Clearly not appropriate for tutoring. So do I cover the cut-out by putting a little cloth on the inside of the dress or do I just wear it to play in? I have not decided that yet. But I might just wear it to brunch this morning.

I love the hat. I hate the sun and I am always looking for a hat. And in case you were wondering, it is quite a large hat, and fits my 21 1/4″ head with a little room to spare.

Lovesick Floral Scuba Dress with Cutout, Size 3
Lovesick Straw Flat Brim Hat
Zipper Gladiator Sandals Size 10 WW – Jessica London ComfortView

To compare my measurements to yours click HERE.

Peace, Affinity

photo: Jim Hirabayashi

3 thoughts on “That Last Moment of Black Floral for Summer!

  1. You look adorable. I think in order to cover the cutout (should you want to), you could wear a tank under, or maybe put a belt over it? Or just put on a cardigan while you’re tutoring and then ditch it afterward? I love the print on that dress, but I agree about scuba fabric…I live in the South, and it’s just too hot 9 months out of the year.

    • I cannot believe I had not thought of a belt. What would I do without you. YAY! Thanks!

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