First Glance: Eloquii, Extending to Plus Sizes 26 and 28

eloquii extended sizesUPDATE: FIRST GLANCE: Eloquii has just announced their first round of extended sizes. Check them out HERE. AND, they are on sale. What should I buy for my first piece??
Eloqui 1st sz 26 28First Glance: Yesterday was my first sighting of Eloquii’s new extended sizes, 26 and 28, on their site.  You can find them HERE.

I have been loving Eloquii’s new styles since they re-launched several months ago.

They recently announced that they are going to extend their sizes to include plus size 26 and 28. I was thrilled to hear this! I love their clothes, and although I can occasionally fit into a size 24, in real life, I am a size 26/28.

eloquii perforated sweatersSo I have been actively watching for Eloquii’s extended sizes, and when I saw a perforated sweater that I loved and is so new and fresh looking, I wrote them a note, stating I was looking forward to their sizes 26/28.
You can find the sweater HERE (on sale).


eloquii fb conversationThey then wrote me a note on Facebook, telling me that they are now carrying a black pant in a Size 26 and 28, you can find them HERE. I love that they responded to my query, that is great customer service, and even more I loved that they have started adding size 26 and 28 to their clothing line. I just have to say YAY!

You will be hearing more from me about Eloquii.


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