Venice Cruising

Favorite Moment in Venice

Cruising along the Grand Canal in a water taxi with our new Aussie Friends

Favorite Question: How do you know your friend so well when you live on different continents? Answer: We just met yesterday!

Wearing a Lords of Liverpool tunic from Torrid that says “All you need is Love”. Size 2x. I make it fit by stretching it out when it is still damp since I usually wear a 3X or 4X. I bought mine on EBay and I notice that there is a 3x on there today,  I forgot to tell you that the t-shirt/tunic has all the words to the song written on the back.  It makes me smile to wear it.  It is a low v-neck so I often wear a t-shirt under it…affinity

3 thoughts on “Venice Cruising

  1. You look adorable, as always….wish we were there with you two….we loved Venice….having a drink in Saint Marc’s Square @ sundown is the most romantic place…we have great memories…now you will too!

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