Yours Clothing Onesie Giveaway – US Size 32 – 34

Yoursclothing onsieHappy New Year, and to start the year off right, we have a Onesie Giveaway for you.

Yours Clothing sent me the most fabulous Red Star Onesies.  They want you to know that they are now carrying up to a US Size 34.  They sent me a US Size 28-30 (See the photo) for me to try on and review. It is very generous on me. They also sent me a US Size 32-34 (one size larger than the size I am wearing) to GIVE AWAY TO YOU.

I love my onesie. It is a soft, not too heavy, fleece and it just feels snuggly to wear. It seems like I could wear a smaller size, BUT, in order to get it on and off comfortably I think it is better to wear it a little larger. The sleeves are a great length for me, it is very cheery, and I look forward to nestling in my bed in it all winter long.

To compare my measurements to yours, and see how the US Size 28-30 fits me, click HERE.

Here is the link to their US Size 34 fashion
Here is a link to their US SIze 34 nightwear

Here are the rules:

    • You must have a U.S. mailing address.
    • No purchase necessary
    • The winner chosen at random by the giveaway software Rafflecopter, with one entry for each point
    • This giveaway is sponsored by Yours Clothing
    • Giveaway ends Monday, January 6th at Midnight, Pacific Time, 2014



Like, Totally 80’s Fashion – Plus size

prettyinpink2 leoriThe theme for our blogging collective, Ahead of the Curve, for August is Pretty in Pink. So imagine my surprise when I went through my wardrobe and didn’t really have any pink.  I think of myself as a pink and purple kind of girl.  That left recreating one of Andi’s outfits from the movie Pretty in Pink, one of my favorite ever chick flicks. My usual dress is a little reminiscent of the 1980 anyway, you know, quirky!  Here is my inspiration:
pretty in pink duo

Yours Clothing Black Blazer: Size UK Size 30-32 US size 26-28  D.I.Y. Embellished Jacket
Ulla Popken White Shirt: Size 24
Footless Floral Leggings: Torrid Size 2
Boots: Avenue Size 9.5 wide
Hat: Seams to Fit Plus Size Consignment Store, Oakland CA
Scarf: Pashima, retirement gift

photo: Leori Gill


AHOC wordle4

We are a collective of plus size bloggers coming together to post on the same subject. This month we each have a post on “Pretty in Pink” so check out our individual posts by clicking on each link.

D.I.Y. Embellished Plus Size Military Jacket

yours clothing jacketsYou may remember a few weeks ago I posted this Military Jacket that Yours Clothing, a plus size store in the U.K. was generous enough to send me. The details I wrote at the time are at the bottom of the page. But I could not help but think of it as a canvas for embellishment. The buttons and pendants are Burning Man related and are mostly gifts from various artists for a contribution to their work, whether monetary or social media work, or a gift at Burning Man, like the pendant from  artist JennyBird Alcantara,  since Burning Man is a Gift Economy.

Mural: American Steel Studios, Oakland CA

Mural: American Steel Studios, Oakland CA

Of course you can use anything, including glam brooches or patches or hand made buttons or vintage buttons or use old items from around your house or jewelry box or your Mom’s or Aunt’s jewelry box, or make your own buttons.  I think it’s more fun if it speaks to who you are.

Assembly Notes: It gets heavy and awkward.  When I went through all my drawers I had way more than I could use.  And it works best if you can anchor the items, i.e. secure at the top and bottom.  Many of my pendants are made to wear as necklaces and move more than I would like on the jacket.  I think it looks best if the larger pieces are at the top, and I put two large pieces on an arm.  But that is just my point of view.

assemblage jacketThis was my inspiration for the asymmetry, and I may fill in some spots or add to the other lapel, I will know more after I wear it more.  I had not done much crafting for several years until I retired recently and I had forgotten to pay attention to wearability.

I wrote this about the Yours Clothing “band jacket” in my prior post:

It is a UK Size 30-32 that fits my US size 26-28 body. The arms are a good fit for me as are the shoulders, so it is very comfortable and you know that is important to me.  And it is 100% cotton, which means that in the cool San Francisco Bay area I will be able to wear it most evenings since the temperatures stay in the 60°s here.  I have always been a pacifist so I think more of it as a “band jacket” but regardless, it is everywhere this season, and now it comes in our size.  There are epaulets on the shoulders, with buttons and similar details in the back.


photo of my embellished jacket: Great Scott Photography

Review of Black Maxi Dress from Yours Clothing

black maxi YC  LGYours Clothing sent me a black maxi dress that is a wear anywhere dress. This dress is a UK size 30-32 or a US size 26-28, I a quite sure a US size 30-32 could wear it. It is a light stretch jersey, very easy to wear, the armholes run fairly large and since I am 5″5″ tall, I had to shorten it a little. It could be worn anywhere, lunch, dinner, a kids birthday party, or even the opera, but in that case I think it could use some long gloves to dress it up a little.  I am wearing my husband’s grandfather’s watch as jewelry and Torrid bracelets as usual, and my Size 10 Lane Bryant flats.

maxi midriff for detail  LGThe dress has a lovely twisted front detail which give it a little extra shape, and there is a tie in the back so you can pull it in or let it out at the waist as needed.  It is an elegant and comfy dress, and we know those are difficult to find.


Styling a Plus Size Maxi Dress or the DIY Plus Size Statement Necklace

Affinity & April     Photo: James Saint James Pell

Affinity & April Photo: James Saint James Pell

On Saturday night my friends hosted a table at the Crucible’s Fire & Light Soiree and Art Auction and were sweet enough to include me. As you can see, I dressed up a black dress with a fascinator I purchased in a little shop down the street and a lot of jewelry that I  upcycled.

photo: Ed Jay

photo: Ed Jay

Our friend, Dennis Bartels, the Executive Director of the Exploratorium, was being honored for his enthusiastic support of the art community so I wanted to dress up, and I knew it was an opportunity to be a little over the top since it is a pretty arty crowd.

photo: Ed Jay

photo: Ed Jay

I love this photo of Suzi Bartels and I, it was so fun to spend a little time with her.

maxi dress YC  LGYours Clothing sent me the black maxi dress.  It is a UK size 30-32 or a US size 26-28 and I am quite sure a US size 30-32 could wear it. It is a light jersey, very easy to wear, the armholes run fairly large and since I am 5″5″ tall, I had to shorten it a little. It is difficult to see but there is a twisted front that is a nice detail in the torso area.  It was a great piece to accessorize and I loved that I was so comfortable and I thought the dress looked very elegant.

photo: Leori Gill

photo: Leori Gill

I think I am going to "silver leaf: this before I wear it again.  photo: Leori Gill

I think I am going to “silver leaf: this before I wear it again. photo: Leori Gill

photo: Leori Gill

photo: Leori Gill

Here are the close ups of the jewelry, mostly made from vintage or thrift store finds (on Etsy) or left-overs in my jewelry box. A tutorial to come, I promise.

It was a fabulous fun filled evening and I loved being a little outrageous in my style, and have a vision for making the look a little more who I am.


Review of Plus Size Gold Lace Skater Dress From Yours Clothing

Best Yours Clothing Gold  LGLast Thursday night I went to a Fun-d-raiser for the 65 foot Truth is Beauty Sculpture that is being built to be installed at Burning Man this summer.  I wore this femme little gold lace skater dress that Yours Clothing was kind enough to send to me. They sent me a UK size 30-32 which is a US size 26-28 and it fits really well (and now they only carry a U.S. Size 24), and might be able to be worn by someone a little larger than I am.  Everyone loved it and it was fun and easy to wear.  I feel like I could wear this to lunch with the girls or to an evening out since it has such a casual yet dressy look.

better back gold YC  LGI also loved the cut out back which covered my bra perfectly and adds a little extra sex appeal without actually revealing anything. And in case you have not been following along, my tattoo says affinity in Sanskrit, or actually “kindred” which was the closest iteration.

tib Marco JuliaThe event was at Marco Cochrane’s studio, and he did a live sculpture of his wife Julia while we were there.  Marco is the first person I had ever seen live sculpt, and it is a mystery to me how he gets what he sees through his eyes made into a clay, or a 65 foot steel sculpture.

[vimeo w=600&h=338]
photos of skater dress: Leori Gill
photo of Marco and Julia: JRH Photography