Review of Plus Size Gold Lace Skater Dress From Yours Clothing

Best Yours Clothing Gold  LGLast Thursday night I went to a Fun-d-raiser for the 65 foot Truth is Beauty Sculpture that is being built to be installed at Burning Man this summer.  I wore this femme little gold lace skater dress that Yours Clothing was kind enough to send to me. They sent me a UK size 30-32 which is a US size 26-28 and it fits really well (and now they only carry a U.S. Size 24), and might be able to be worn by someone a little larger than I am.  Everyone loved it and it was fun and easy to wear.  I feel like I could wear this to lunch with the girls or to an evening out since it has such a casual yet dressy look.

better back gold YC  LGI also loved the cut out back which covered my bra perfectly and adds a little extra sex appeal without actually revealing anything. And in case you have not been following along, my tattoo says affinity in Sanskrit, or actually “kindred” which was the closest iteration.

tib Marco JuliaThe event was at Marco Cochrane’s studio, and he did a live sculpture of his wife Julia while we were there.  Marco is the first person I had ever seen live sculpt, and it is a mystery to me how he gets what he sees through his eyes made into a clay, or a 65 foot steel sculpture.

[vimeo w=600&h=338]
photos of skater dress: Leori Gill
photo of Marco and Julia: JRH Photography

14 thoughts on “Review of Plus Size Gold Lace Skater Dress From Yours Clothing

  1. It looks great! Is that your belt, or part of the dress?
    I’ve always been a little concerned about buying from Yours Clothing because of the sizing differences, and the international shipping. Have you found the sizing is accurate with the measurements on their chart?

  2. Hi Jeni: I had not really looked at whether the sizes were true or not, but I just did some measuring in cm and yes, the sizes look true to me. I wear a US size 26-28 and their UK size 30-32 fit me perfectly. One of dresses is a UK Size 26-28 and it fits just fine also.
    The belt did come with the dress, and there are several inches to spare on the belt.
    Thanks for reading my blog, and if I can answer any other questions, please let me know.

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  4. I stumbled onto your site accidentally while searching for hospital gowns for my upcoming gastric bypass & have found them not only helpful, but fun.
    I just wanted to say YOU ROCK THAT SKATER DRESS!! I love it on you! It looks festive & like it could be dressed up or down a bit, depending on the accessories used.
    Perhaps when I get to a size 26-28, I’ll get one…if they’re still available.
    As it is, I’m a 5x & as I like extra room in my clothes, I tend to wear US size 34 bottoms & 36 tops- though everything is usually in “Xs” (I have noticed I’m pulling my pants up as I walk around a bit more often, as I’ve dropped some weight already on my own! I’m so excited for the results of the surgery, but know I’m gonna miss my favorite foods for a LONG while! LOL).
    Enough about me. I just wanted to let you know how I appreciate your honest reviews on how clothing fits & feels, bc, as larger persons, we already know the hassles of online/catalog shopping/returns; rarely, if ever, are the models more than a size 16 (& that’s pushing it!) & plus-sized clothing is so much more expensive, to begin with.
    Keep up the great work & that wonderful attitude!!! YOU ROCK!

  5. Hello! Love your blog. In a lot of the dresses you are wearing, you have leggings or tights that go to your ankle. Can you tell me where you get them and or who makes them? I want a pair! 🙂

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