Heart Backed Tights at Torrid

heart backed stockingsEvery once in awhile I feel like I just have to tell you something. Today it is Heart Backed Tights.

The largest size is a 3/4 which is too small for me, but I just thought they were so sexy and so fun for Valentines Day that I had to share them. One month and counting…


Yours Clothing Onesie Giveaway – US Size 32 – 34

Yoursclothing onsieHappy New Year, and to start the year off right, we have a Onesie Giveaway for you.

Yours Clothing sent me the most fabulous Red Star Onesies.  They want you to know that they are now carrying up to a US Size 34.  They sent me a US Size 28-30 (See the photo) for me to try on and review. It is very generous on me. They also sent me a US Size 32-34 (one size larger than the size I am wearing) to GIVE AWAY TO YOU.

I love my onesie. It is a soft, not too heavy, fleece and it just feels snuggly to wear. It seems like I could wear a smaller size, BUT, in order to get it on and off comfortably I think it is better to wear it a little larger. The sleeves are a great length for me, it is very cheery, and I look forward to nestling in my bed in it all winter long.

To compare my measurements to yours, and see how the US Size 28-30 fits me, click HERE.

Here is the link to their US Size 34 fashion
Here is a link to their US SIze 34 nightwear

Here are the rules:

    • You must have a U.S. mailing address.
    • No purchase necessary
    • The winner chosen at random by the giveaway software Rafflecopter, with one entry for each point
    • This giveaway is sponsored by Yours Clothing
    • Giveaway ends Monday, January 6th at Midnight, Pacific Time, 2014



Plus Size 24+ Blog Roll

The Plus Side of Me included Affatshionista on a list of 20 Plus Size Fashion Bloggers at Sizes US 24+ a few months ago. I was thrilled to see her list and to be included. I had been looking for these blogs, and there was now a plethora of new ones to gobble up. I find the list very useful and often refer to it.

To bring in the new year, I used it to update my Blog Roll. In addition, I added some of the Ahead of the Curve Bloggers, that are part of the blogging collective I participate in, and some other bloggers, mainly from the US. I chose bloggers that provided information about US Size 24+ clothes, mostly clothes you can purchase but some with DIY approaches, and that were more clothing oriented rather than lifestyle or beauty oriented. I hope you will find it useful.

So check out my new list on the upper right side of my blog:   Blogs I Love  – 24+

Happy New Year!

Kitty’s Night Out via ModCloth 4X Style

Kitty's Night Out via ModCloth
ModCloth invited me to participate in a competition this week using ModCloth products on Polyvore. I quite liked doing it, and of course the dress is a 4X.  And I have been wanting a pair of lace kitty ears. I love the black necklace (I may just have to have it) and love the black heels.
Can’t you just see me wearing this?

MYNT 1792 Plus Size 4x Jacket

I had wanted to try something from MYNT 1792 for awhile but I had been concerned about whether anything would fit because their size chart makes it pretty clear that a size 4X is a size 26 and I am really more of a size 26 -28. BUT because of Gwynnie Bee, I was able to give it a try. I loved the jacket, it looks great unzipped.

MYNT 1792 Moto Jacket zippedBut as you can see, zipped up it was a tiny bit little snug. But, I would love to try something else from MYNT 1792 that is not quite so form fitting, I think it might just work.

To compare my measurements to yours, to see if this jacket might fit you, click HERE.


ASOS Curve Size 24 Ombre Pencil Skirt – Review

photo-4I am in Palm Springs this week and this has been my Go To outfit.  Out to dinner, dinner at a friends, just dressed up enough for the desert. This is how it looks after having it shortened about 3″

photo: Leori Gill

photo: Leori Gill

This is how it looked before it was shortened, and the leggings were too much for the skirt.

brastrapOn the desert I wore a Cult of California bra that created a more interesting back.

top w flower medAnd then I got an idea in my head that I should put one of the cut off flowers from the left over material from the hem shortening, on the cami.  That did not work out so well. I will be removing it.  LOL

pp  leaBut the best part of the week was a housewarming dinner party at my friend’s fabulous mid-century house in Rancho Mirage. SO FUN!  Thank you!

Skirt: ASOS Curve US Size 24 – Great fit,does not pull, VERY light, ON SALE (hips are 69″ stretched)
Cami: Avenue Size 26/28 I have 6 or 7 of these
Bra: Cult of California – Size 5  Run a little small, but I have two and I wear them when I want to create a little contrast to what I am wearing
Belt: Torrid Size 4X – perfect fit (similar- Buy One Get One Free)
Bird Necklace: Early JennyBird Alcantara

To compare my measurements to yours, to see if these clothes might fit, click HERE.


Kiyonna Chameleon Convertible Skirt & Dress Plus Size 5X Review

kiyanna dressWe are in Palm Springs this week because a friend was kind enough to offer us her timeshare that she was not going to use.  So in anticipation of being in 90° weather I went to my Gwynnie Bee account to have something light and deserty to wear. It turns out that this Kiyonna skirt/dress is incredibly heavy and I would NEVER be able to wear in warm weather, even though, since it is strapless it looks like it is designed for a hot day.  I was quite disappointed.

kiyanna descriptionI did not pay attention to the size chart (my bad) and the 5X fell off of me so much that I could not really even take a photo of it.  My measurements are HERE if you want to compare your size to mine and see if this would fit.  The sizing is good to know, since I have never worn Kiyonna before, that this skirt/dress it runs true to size, since I usually wear a 4X. This dress not longer appears to be for sale but you can still find it on Gwynnie Bee.

As you know from this review, I have a trial membership to Gwynnie Bee, and if you are interested in checking it out please read more HERE (full disclosure) if you sign up I do get a free month free.


ASOS CURVE Sequin Pencil Skirt Size US 24 – Review

asos curve sequin skirt LG2As you know from this review, I have a trial membership to Gwynnie Bee, and if you are interested in checking it out please read more HERE (full disclosure) if you sign up I do NOT get a free month free since I am not going to continue my membership beyond the trial.

I would not have bought this wild multi color sequin pencil skirt, but when I saw it was one of the choices I could “rent”, in a US Size 24 no less, of course I had to try it. It is a little snug, but after all it is a pencil skirt. The entire skirt is made from a stretch poly blend. (ASOS does have a free/easy return policy, which makes it easier to take chances) You can see my measurements HERE if you want to know how this might fit YOU.

I probably would not buy this, even if I needed a sequin pencil skirt, because sequins are not very comfortable to wear, but oh is this SO gorgeous.  When I opened the box my husbanded was blinded and loved it. And guess what, it is on sale right now. I saw another blogger had belted the top and I wish I had thought to do that with a thin belt in one of the colors found in the skirt (lots of choices), it seemed to give the outfit more definition.

The top I am wearing is several years old INC International Concepts Size 24 made of a stretchy knit, which is very comfortable and fits quite well.

Lots more Gwynnie Bee outfits to come, watch this space.


ASOS Curve Body Con Dress Size 24 – Review

red asos pencil LGAs you know from this review, I have a trial membership to Gwynnie Bee, and if you are interested in checking it out please read more HERE (full disclosure: if you sign up after the trial, I get a free month free).  One of the first dresses I tried was this one, because I love the body con look, but because I am apple shaped I thought it would not be a great look for me, and “renting” the look seemed perfect.

This dress looks great standing up forward, although it could use a little shortening, but both standing sideway and sitting down it is not as forgiving as a fit & flare dress, which is how I usually dress. I am thrilled to have tried it and I would love to hear about your body con adventures.

You can see my measurements HERE if you want to know how this might fit YOU. The Size US 24 was a very comfortable fit for me.

Dress: ASOS Curve, Size 24
Boots: Avenue Size 9.5W, my review is HERE, and they are currently on sale
Glasses: I found these in my jewelry drawer, something similar HERE

12/10/13 Update: The red and black dress above has turned out to be my favorite of the ASOS Curve Body Con dresses I have tried on, and FYI it is on sale right now, HERE. I like the weight of the dress, I like the black panels, I may have to buy it.

asos pencil LGI also tried another ASOS Curve Body Con Dress, which I had been coveting for months, via Gwynnie Bee, and once again I loved it, although it was much longer and would need to be shortened, and because it was a much lighter material, it did not do well with the leggings.


photos: Leori Gill

Plus Size at Burning Man 2013

Mother and Daughter Both Staff at Burning Man

Molly and Annie
Both Staff at Burning Man

As many of you know, if you have been following along, I go to Burning Man.  And when I meet women they always want to know what women wear, especially if they are plus size. So here are some of my friends, both plus size, and not.

Above are my friends Molly and Annie. Molly is famous for not wearing skirts, so this is a pretty fun photo of her.  Molly’s friend made the tutu, but I do have several places I can send you, Just with Tulle makes custom tutus in a variety of sizes and has add on prices for plus sizes and length. And my fellow blogger at Tutus & Tiny Hats likes Sister’s of the Moon Design, also custom made.

Shoes are very important because the Event is on a lake bed (we call it the Playa) and is very alkaline, and the dust can be hard on your feet. Lots of people wear boots, but the surfaces are uneven so I tend to wear what is comfortable. And of course a hat, to keep you out of the sun…

Selfie of my photographer, Leori Gill

Selfie of my photographer, Leori Gill

I love this selfie of Leori. She is so talented.  She also took the photo of Molly and Annie, and does most of the photography for this blog. And did I mention it was Tutu Tuesday? You get extra points, be you male or female for wearing a tutu on the Tuesday of the Event.

aff_decom_crop smudgeI have no idea why I do not have any photos of me from Burning Man this year but here is one from San Francisco Decompression just a couple of weeks ago.

I am wearing a fit and flare, cotton stretch fabric ASOS Curve Size 22 Dress.  It has a very high waistline so I wear this wide Torrid Size 5 belt to cover that up.

The leggings are a Torrid Size 2, 100% polyester. They do not have any stretch and they seem to have stopped making them.  It is odd that these fit since I cannot wear their Size 3/4. If I were buying these today I would try THESE in a Size 3, and I notice they now have some spandex, which is good.

These are my go to Boots HERE. Two years later Avenue is still making these exact bootsI would love to have taller boots, but I have never found a boot that fit my skinny ankle and wide calf, so I just try to love the ones I’ve got.

pendants 2013And here is a photo of my jewelry from the event. It is made up of gifts and schwag for supporting the artists.

believe SidneyThe B in the photo is part of the art installation from Burning Man by my friends Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg. The photo was taken after a storm and the “I” had fallen over leaving a 60′ tall woman, Truth is Beauty to replace it.

Well that is this episode of Burning Man, plus size, more to come.


photo: BELIEVE/Truth is Beauty: Sidney Erthal Photography