Plus Size at Burning Man 2013

Mother and Daughter Both Staff at Burning Man

Molly and Annie
Both Staff at Burning Man

As many of you know, if you have been following along, I go to Burning Man.  And when I meet women they always want to know what women wear, especially if they are plus size. So here are some of my friends, both plus size, and not.

Above are my friends Molly and Annie. Molly is famous for not wearing skirts, so this is a pretty fun photo of her.  Molly’s friend made the tutu, but I do have several places I can send you, Just with Tulle makes custom tutus in a variety of sizes and has add on prices for plus sizes and length. And my fellow blogger at Tutus & Tiny Hats likes Sister’s of the Moon Design, also custom made.

Shoes are very important because the Event is on a lake bed (we call it the Playa) and is very alkaline, and the dust can be hard on your feet. Lots of people wear boots, but the surfaces are uneven so I tend to wear what is comfortable. And of course a hat, to keep you out of the sun…

Selfie of my photographer, Leori Gill

Selfie of my photographer, Leori Gill

I love this selfie of Leori. She is so talented.  She also took the photo of Molly and Annie, and does most of the photography for this blog. And did I mention it was Tutu Tuesday? You get extra points, be you male or female for wearing a tutu on the Tuesday of the Event.

aff_decom_crop smudgeI have no idea why I do not have any photos of me from Burning Man this year but here is one from San Francisco Decompression just a couple of weeks ago.

I am wearing a fit and flare, cotton stretch fabric ASOS Curve Size 22 Dress.  It has a very high waistline so I wear this wide Torrid Size 5 belt to cover that up.

The leggings are a Torrid Size 2, 100% polyester. They do not have any stretch and they seem to have stopped making them.  It is odd that these fit since I cannot wear their Size 3/4. If I were buying these today I would try THESE in a Size 3, and I notice they now have some spandex, which is good.

These are my go to Boots HERE. Two years later Avenue is still making these exact bootsI would love to have taller boots, but I have never found a boot that fit my skinny ankle and wide calf, so I just try to love the ones I’ve got.

pendants 2013And here is a photo of my jewelry from the event. It is made up of gifts and schwag for supporting the artists.

believe SidneyThe B in the photo is part of the art installation from Burning Man by my friends Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg. The photo was taken after a storm and the “I” had fallen over leaving a 60′ tall woman, Truth is Beauty to replace it.

Well that is this episode of Burning Man, plus size, more to come.


photo: BELIEVE/Truth is Beauty: Sidney Erthal Photography

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  1. I’ve noticed that many of the “professional” photographers’ galleries only have the uber skinny people of Burning Man and it makes me a little ill. Lovely post – you looked amazing at Decom and I love you sharing your tips to all (no matter their size).

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