Getting Ready for an Urban Art Festival

As most of you know I volunteer for the Burning Man Project, so yesterday my husband and I went to Oakland to help prep the ArtIsMobilUs, a school bus turned mobile art gallery. They removed the previous mural and put up new wood so a collaborative mural can be created on the first night of the Central Market Arts Festival, located at 6th Street and Market on Friday September 28. I took photos and as usual, he did the hard work.

This t-shirt is so me. I love the theme of peace and change and I did not even realize it had little studs and rhinestones when I bought it on line.

T-shirt: Lane Bryant size 26-28 purchased on FatToo
Jeans: Torrid Tripp NYC size 28
Bracelets: Torrid
Shoes: Lane Bryant, worn with ruffled anklets

Close up of the t-shirt pattern

Twitter Togs

Since I am helping with various communications for the Burning Man Project, they suggested I go to a presentation at the David All Group (DAG).  This was the first of a series of events that will take place synchronously between the DAG Washington, DC and San Francisco teams.  I was live in the San Francisco office, which I loved. The event focused on “The Essentials of Twitter”.  I have not tweeted much either for myself nor for any of the entities that I run social media for, so I had a lot to learn and as usual I most enjoyed learning about metrics or the suggested frequency and timing for the optimization of your tweets.

Sometime yesterday (perhaps posted by the David All Group) I ran across this Twitter Outfit (below) from Social Media Inspired Outfits.  So of course I had to put together my darker version of the Twitter Inspired Outfit, including the Twitter Bird logo (see the photo above with David All). My outfit is not exactly a match but I thought the Twitter Outfit was a little corporate for my taste.

Here are the deets:
Bird Pendant: Designed by my good friend Laura Kimpton as gifts for Burning Man 2009
Cami: Very Old 2X Emme
Skirt: Tripp Size 5x from Torrid
You can’t see them but I also have capri leggings and boots of course as well as the bracelets I have been wearing everyday for a month.  I like to think of this outfit as the funky Twitter look. LOL

I am going to download DAG’s “Essentials of Pinterest” because I feel like I would love Pinterest but just have not taken the time to check it out, so you may see my version of that outfit too.  So thanks to the David All Group for having me come to their offices.  Hope to see you at Burning Man.

Ciao Bellas…affinity

Tripp NYC Plus Sizes – Review

A Tripp skirt might be the first piece of clothing I ever bought from Torrid, years ago. The skirt was a purple underskirt with tulle overlay and was a 4X, and always a bit small, but I loved it so I wore it anyway. At the time it seems to reflect Torrid’s edgy style. Then this fall I found this turquoise pleated skirt at Torrid in a 5X, and it is a perfect fit.   That drew me back to Tripp and I bought a couple of pairs of jeans (leopard which you will see later), which you can buy at  One Stop Plus or Torrid (as well as a bustier on sale) for about the same price. FYI, the short jeans are just a bit too short for me and I am 5′ 5″.  I look for Tripp pretty often on Ebay because I rarely find anything else that I like quite as much.

A few weeks ago, I found this 4X mini pleated skirt in a purple plaid and I just had to have it but as you can see below it is a little small and I will not be wearing it again.  So it seems to me that Tripp NYC runs just a tiny bit small but I love their fun style and I think it reflects who I am, so I will continue to buy it when I can find it in my size.

I purchased the belt on Ebay many years ago. If I were buying it today I would not buy rhinestones since I have lost a few over the years…affinity