Plus Size Goes to the Burning Man at the Global Leadership Conference v.1

My husband and I have been the registrars for the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference for all eight of them. So on his birthday, day two of the conference, we found ourselves sitting behind a desk, greeting people from all over the world, people who are thrilled to be at an event like this, and then my friend and fabulous photographer, Sidney Erthal, offered to take a few photos for Affatshionista. It was a great break, fun and of course some fabulous photos.

You’ll notice I am still wearing a knee brace at two months post-op from my knee replacement surgery, but I thought it best to wear it for one of my first really long days. I wish I had thought to wear it on the inside of the leggings, LOL.  And that gorgeous necklace is a loan from my fabulous friend Jennifer Raiser, for a shoot for this outfit. I thought it safest if I wore it rather than put it in my purse.

Gloria Lamb

Gloria Lamb

I took a photo of Gloria Lamb two years ago at this conference, and my phone got stolen that night, so I am thrilled to have this photo, and of course it is SO much better since Sidney took it.

Moxie in Hell Bunny

Toni Menconi in Hell Bunny

And Toni was just hanging out by to door and we grabbed her, she looked so cute.  It was the first time I had met her and I love her style.


photos: Sidney Erthal Photography 
(Thanks Sidney, the photos are gorgeous, and I love the graffiti background)