Plus Size 4X and 5X Hospital Gowns

hospital gownHave you ever gone to the clinic for a mammogram to find that the gown they hand you is way too small and you are bursting out of it? I have, and it was quite distressing. Recently, I came across an ad for these patient gowns for women called Janes and she offered to send me one to review.

Janes offer comfort, coverage and dignity. They are made of a lightweight waffle weave jersey material and Jane’s size 2 says that they will fit a roomy 4X, but I think a 5X could easily wear one.  I am a standard size 26-28 and I am quite large in the torso, belly and chest. In the photo above I have the external and internal strings that attach it tied as tightly as they will go, and there is a ton of room in the shoulders and arms. I think by just loosening the strings the gown could fit a larger size because there was a lot of internal fabric that I was not using by tying it so tightly.

Take a Jane to your next mammogram appointment or give one as a gift to a friend who is in the hospital. Janes come in a sweet cinch bag and can be monogrammed. They cost $32.00 and make a great girlfriend gift.

2% of the profits for Janes funds free mammograms for under served women.


photo: Leori Gill