Where Can I Buy a Plus Size 4X Bikini, or even a 12X Bikini?

Well it’s swimsuit season and and OMG what if we want a bikini?                                 Here is what I found:

Torrid Size 4 - Top      Bottom-     Almost Sold Out

Torrid Size 4   –    Top     Bottom      –    Almost Sold Out

ASOS Curve Bikini - Size 24  Top  - Bottom usually runs quite large, to a 26 or 28

ASOS Curve Retro Bikini – Size 24 Top Bottom
usually runs quite large, to a 26 or 28

Pennington's Size 4X Ty Voglio Swim Top  - Swim Bottom Ty Voglio Swim Top - Swim Bottom

Print Ty Voglio 46DD Top – 4X Bottom Swim TopSwim Bottom
Black Ty Voglio 46DD Top – 5X Bottom  Swim TopSwim Bottom

Big Gals Lingerie    Bikinis Sizes 1X - 12X

Big Gals Lingerie
Bikinis Sizes 1X – 12X

Love Your Peaches Bikinis   1X - 6X   Tops    -    Bottoms
Love Your Peaches Bikinis 1X – 6X        TopsBottoms
Big on Baik - Sizes 1X/2X - 7X/8X  Top  Bottom

Big on Batik – Sizes 1X/2X – 7X/8X      Top           Bottom

Well, it is pretty awesome that we have more fatshion bikinis to choose from all the time. Do you think you might wear a bikini this year?


Old Navy Plus Size Bathing Suits – Size 4X

Old Navy Size 4X  One Piece Bathing Suits

Old Navy Size 4X
One Piece Bathing Suits

I have never made a purchase from Old Navy.  I tend to like my clothes a little edgier, but I was reading Chubble Bubble’s Poolside Musts and several Old Navy bathing suits showed up in the link she gave for Plus Size One Piece Swimsuits, so I decided to check them out.

I was able to select the bathing suits by size on the Old Navy website, so all of the suits shown above are Size 4X, but there seemed to be a lot of variance in how they fit.  The magenta suit at the end of the top row, which I liked a lot, was consistently was reviewed as too small.

old nave ruffle top 4x bathing suitBut the lighter magenta/violet suit, with the ruffle top, was reviewed as very true to size, so I think I am going to give that a try.  This redish purple is my favorite, matches my glasses, and is difficult to find. The original price was $59, now marked down to $49, free shipping does not apply because it is not more than $50 but they do have free returns. I will let you know how it fits, especially since Old Navy is new to me.

You may may notice that I am more cost conscious than I have been in the past.  Now that we have retired I am more interested in what things cost, since I have a more limited income. So if you see a great bargain, let me know and I will post it here or on my Facebook Page.


Plus Size “Swim Suits for All” to a Size 34

swimsuits for all size 34   pg 1swimsuits for all size 34 pg 2Stylish Curves had a post about Swimsuits For All the other day, and since I am about to take a Water Pilates class I thought I should check it out, and of course I am always interested in whether they have any sizes larger than a size 24.  A couple of the models in their cover photo are plus size, which made me very happy. Guess what, those suits in the photos above are their suits that go to a size 34. That is amazing.  I would love to hear from any of you who buy one, how fits, whether it is well made, etc. Now of course I think they should have at least one version that does not have shorts or a swim skirt, but that is just me.

swimsuits for all  size 26  affatshionistaIn fact, I see the size 26 one piece suit above in my future if water pilates works for me and I need a second suit. It is a little pricey at $76, but I am still wearing my last suit from many years ago, although I do not swim that often. Interesting, I just clicked to get additional information and the suit only comes to a 24, and it only offers the size chart to a size 24, so it does not look like the size 26 information is correct.  Ooops. Be sure to check out the size chart, it seems to run somewhat small to me… But, I especially like that the site lets me sort by size, since I am not really interested in what they have in a size I cannot fit into.

Swimsuit season is on it’s way so let me know what you are loving out there.   Here is my Torrid post on the subject, thanks to my FatToo Anonymous friends.