Old Navy Plus Size Bathing Suits – Size 4X

Old Navy Size 4X  One Piece Bathing Suits

Old Navy Size 4X
One Piece Bathing Suits

I have never made a purchase from Old Navy.  I tend to like my clothes a little edgier, but I was reading Chubble Bubble’s Poolside Musts and several Old Navy bathing suits showed up in the link she gave for Plus Size One Piece Swimsuits, so I decided to check them out.

I was able to select the bathing suits by size on the Old Navy website, so all of the suits shown above are Size 4X, but there seemed to be a lot of variance in how they fit.  The magenta suit at the end of the top row, which I liked a lot, was consistently was reviewed as too small.

old nave ruffle top 4x bathing suitBut the lighter magenta/violet suit, with the ruffle top, was reviewed as very true to size, so I think I am going to give that a try.  This redish purple is my favorite, matches my glasses, and is difficult to find. The original price was $59, now marked down to $49, free shipping does not apply because it is not more than $50 but they do have free returns. I will let you know how it fits, especially since Old Navy is new to me.

You may may notice that I am more cost conscious than I have been in the past.  Now that we have retired I am more interested in what things cost, since I have a more limited income. So if you see a great bargain, let me know and I will post it here or on my Facebook Page.


4 thoughts on “Old Navy Plus Size Bathing Suits – Size 4X

  1. Thanks for this Summer tip it looks like a great selection!!. Sure hope to cu at tits we are bringing bliss food. Soon.xo Nancy

    • I will be by early for a lesson with Jenni, hopefully I will still be there for dinner. Thanks for following my blog, I really appreciate it.

  2. I’ve only ordered one suit from Old Navy, and it fit fine…except for the underwire bra part, which was far too big. Old Navy is fine about returns…I’ve always had very good experiences with their customer service. Their sizing can be wonky, but if anything, it tends toward too big rather than too small. For example, if you ever order their jeans, buy a size smaller than you wear at Lane Bryant, no matter what the reviews say. (My proportions are very, very similar to yours…I generally wear a 28 from LB, assuming they fit at all, but almost always need a 26 from Old Navy. However, their pencil skirts – the button & zip kind, like the denim – run smaller.) Good luck with the suit!

    Also, I’ve had ok luck with suits from Target. They may not say they’re the right size, but I have one in a 24 that fits and I ain’t no 24.

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