Our Guests – Carole & Kathy and Cathi

Carole happy in the San Francisco sunshine

I bought a lot of clothes in the 80s.  It was the beginning of the time when I could buy fun clothes in my size, which was a delight.  During that time, I would run into Carole shopping at Harper Greer‘s workspace or at a trunk sale.  During that period I would see her at the swim in Richmond and Albany where the fat girls rented a pool and for a couple of hours on the weekend we could swim with one another and we would always talk about clothes.  And I was always especially interested in Carole because she was an attorney, as I am, but in private practice, which always seems so brave to me. But I really got to know Carole when she started exercising with my friend and then personal trainer, Cinder Ernst

.  For over 10 years she and Kathy, her partner, and Cathi and I worked out on Saturdays with a varying cast of people.  Some were with us the whole time and some were short term but we persevered.  And then life changed, Carole retired and she and Kathy moved to Minnesota, and our trainer changed gyms and I have not worked out with her again until recently (more about that in another post).  So when Carole and Kathy came to visit our reunion was a treat for all of us.  This is what Carole had to say about what she was wearing….affinity

Bodacious resortwear, a hawaiian boutique at the coconut marketplace near Poipu, Kauai. Hans baristas shells and starfish with sparkly beads sewn on some of the shells. Cost: about $60.00. Sells beautiful clothes for all sizes petite to supersize. No website but you can call. Size 5-6x

Pants: from Junonia website, large size sports wear and winter wear. Active life pants, comfy, well fitting for me (5’9″ tall). $59 now; mine are several years old, so they wear well, size 6

Shoes: my trusty winter Crocs (they come with a flannel insert which I removed for my “snow-birding” trip to Kauai and California…Carole

Kathy and Carole. Kathy says to tell you this is standard dyke wear…

Kathy, Carole and Cathi, my beloved exercise buddies.

Our Guest – Patio

Our guest and my friend, Patio is one of my campmates at Burning Man and a Senior Scientist at the Exploratorium. Thanks for stopping by Patio, we loved this look...affinity

I love the look of a sweater dress for fall and winter parties, And the red seemed perfect for the Exploratorium Afterdark “Heartworks” party just in time for Valentines day.  This is a NY Collection Dress, Short Sleeve Cowl Neck Metallic Belted Sweater for $19.99 at Macy’s   The shoes are by Sofft  Valentina T-strap and are actually comfy:  $24.95 at 6pm.com  hugs….Patio

Our Guest – Peggy Reskin

Today we are welcoming my friend and fellow blogger, Peggy Reskin.  We have been friends for almost twenty years.  It is a delight to hear Peggy’s thoughts on dressing up for the Symphony…affinity

This picture was New Year’s Eve at the San Francisco Symphony.  Going to the Symphony is such a great place to go for splendid fun in choosing your attire!  The evening always begins with promenading through the long span around the huge oak bar and part of the fun is the open enjoyment by all, particularly the women, in acknowledging with a nod or a smile, glance or a word, each other in our elegant gowns from New York, Paris and Rome, or in my case downtown Oakland.

Somehow the enjoyment you have in this company of strangers enjoying each other’s presence is uniquely the Symphony ambiance, I have found in the past 10 years.  It’s a level playing field with the usual divisions: age, stage, place not central to the feeling these evenings consistently offer.

DRESS in Oakland on College Avenue is where I go when I have a Symphony or fancy event to attend.  The owner, a former buyer from New York, takes delight in having you find just what you want and there is a great deal to choose from-all good options.  This Red dress was comfortable and playful and fun-all night long; a lot of dancing is part of the evening with three or four different bands.  The necklace was a gift from my husband, and the shoes:  comfortable gold slip straps, that are 3 inches work!
Just having had my 70th birthday, I’m appreciative of the fact that there are no limits on what is good to wear. It’s how you live that is the measure of clothes to me….Peggy

If you want to read more about what Peggy has to say, check out her blog:


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Our First Guest – Glynda Cotton

Today we have our first guest, my good friend and sweet soul, Glynda Cotton. I love her outfit, Don’t you?  Thanks Glynda!!

My favorite outfits are a little retro and a little funky. The dress & sweater come from the clearance rack at Torrid & each were under $20. I am also wearing glitter fishnets and Fluevog’s round toed cowboy boot.  Depending on how my Crohn’s is  affecting my abdomen, I wear a 14W to an 18W. This outfit is a 16W…..Glynda