Affatshionista’s 5 Posts You Loved the Most in 2014!

I just want to close out 2014 with a review of the posts you loved the most on Affatshionista this year. Over the course of the year, more than 90,000 readers visited our site. So what were the most popular posts of 2014?

1. 5 Stores That Have EXTRA Wide Calf Boots!
Well of course the post you loved the most was about boots. We are not talking about wide calf boots here, we are talking about EXTRA wide calf boots. Calf widths of 18″ and bigger. And some readers have added some additional information.

Thrift blk wht2. Facebook, The New Online Plus Size Thrift Store – v. 2014
I get a lot of searches and interest about thrifting plus sizes. I actually had several posts this year about thrifting or buying used or vintage clothing. The others can be found HERE and HEREI love thrifting because it means that someone else’s mistake, too small, too big, don’t like, did not send back to the retailer on a timely basis, can be your fabulous, maybe even favorite piece of clothing.

gwynnie bee one dress3. Gwynnie Bee – Netflix for Clothes – A Plus size Review of Sizes 4X+
After boots, Gwynnie Bee is my most common search term, i.e., “Review, Gwynnie Bee”, “Is Gwynnie Bee a Scam?”, “Complaints Against Gwynnie Bee”. Clearly you are interested in Gwynnie Bee, but want to make sure they are legit before you give them a credit card number.

Custom plus fresh prince crop top4. I Want a Plus Size 4X Crop Top
This is the post on my blog that has been shared the most times EVER! I did in fact get a size 4X crop top, and you can see that post HERE!

maxie mouse domino dollhouse5. Where Can I Buy Plus Size Costumes 1X to 3X or 4X to 12X
This is probably my favorite post of the year. I am part of a community that has costume events and fancy parties, so costumes are part of my life. And I especially love “Do It Yourself” costumes, which I think are the most fun.

That is a review of your favorite posts of 2014. I want to thank each of you for reading and commenting, both here and on my Facebook Page. I love blogging and I love sharing how clothes fit me, and how they might fit you.

dali lamaIn case you want to know my resolution for 2014, I am taking a lesson from the Dali Lama.

See you next year!