Zindzi: Beautiful Jewelry, Beautiful Soul

Zindi.com Handcrafted  Jewelry

                                       Zindi.com Handcrafted Jewelry

My friend Zindzi of Zindzi.com grew up in South Africa, the child of anti-apartheid activists. Then she traveled and planted her roots in San Francisco. She is one of those people you meet and you can see that she has a kind soul.

During her travels in India, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Namibia she sought out locally made jewelry and fashion. Now that she is settled in San Francisco, she wants to discover and bring beautiful, timeless, and meaningful designed jewelry.  She personally knows all of the designers and she is excited about their work. Every object is handmade, and some are unique – you won’t see them worn by anyone else.  She only sells items she would be proud to wear, from designers she is  proud to know.  And she is here to share them with you. Just click on the links next to the descriptions below for more information.

1. Teadrop Gold and Black Earrings: $32. Lovely teardrop shape and would match many of the necklaces.

2. 6 Lines Gold & Black Earrings: $32

3. Blue Necklace: $60 – 20 inches. This is my favorite. I think it would fit since the Kleo’s fit and they are 19.5 inches, and the Blue Necklace is 20 inches. I love the design on the beads and that it is so unique.

4. 3 Colors Necklace, Black & Silver & Gold: $60.

5. Kleo Necklace in Silver or Gold: $ 92 – 19.5 inches. Yes that is my neck in the necklace. It is my favorite. I love a great choker and this one fits me with my turtleneck shirt on.

Feel free to contact her directly if you have questions.

Happy Holidays to YOU!