Bare for Summer in a Plus Size 4X Crop Top

A few weeks ago I woke up wanting a size 4X crop top.

Crop Top Evans "Cut" Pencil Skirt - U.Si Size 28

Crop Top
Evans “Cut” Pencil Skirt – U.S. Size 28

So during my research I fell in love with this crop top, I am a big Will Smith fan and I thought the colors would look great with a wild patterned skirt I have (in real life the hues of the colors did not work at all).

beingseencollage.jpgSince I wear strapless, strappy camis, shorts, bathing suits or whatever I feel like, I felt like it was not going to be difficult to expand my boundaries when I learned that our Ahead of the Curve bloggers collective topic this month is “Bare for Summer“. But then I thought, oh, my tummy, show my tummy, OMG. So a crop top it is.

Crop Top With T-Shirt Underneath

Crop Top With T-Shirt Underneath

  • I tried the crop top with a t-shirt underneath, the crop top rode up immediately and was not very becoming.
  • To be honest, I don’t think I will be wearing this much in public, but I am grateful for my fellow size positive fatties who are doing so for me.
  • I ordered the shorts in a 5X and they felt too large, but the 4X rides up and are VERY short when I sit down.
  • I had been wanting gladiator sandals since we went to Italy two years ago and they were everywhere. I am so happy to have found a WW width.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

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photos; Leori Gill Photography

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  1. In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground I spent most of my days… oh my gosh! I used to watch that show All.The.Time. This totally brings back memories. I totally love this top. You look AWESOME in it!

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