5 Great Gifts to Give Your Plus Size Friend!

holiday gifts 2Do you have a mother, sister, cousin, friend, gift exchange recipient or neighbor that is plus size, chubby, fat, curvy, heavy, whichever term you prefer, for whom you would like to buy a gift? You know that this year you do not want to buy them a cookbook or placemats or something that does not relate to them. I promise they will find these gifts useful, and you know I do not make promises easily.

Friends and family who are not plus size are often stymied by what gift they can buy that will be loved and appreciated, and most of all, fit. So I have put together a few of my favorite gifts.

1. Floral Statement Necklace: $31.19. I love this necklace, and yes, that is my neck in the photo. It comes in many colors and some other styles (see the bottom of the Amazon page). It instantly dresses up an all black outfit or it can be the finishing touch to an already fun outfit. I have several posts about necklaces, they can be found HERE and HERE and HERE. Watch this space for one more post about beautiful jewelry in the next week or two.

2. The Raven by Poe Book Infinity Scarf: $42. I highlighted this scarf because it was so unusual, but you can buy an infinity scarf anywhere. An infinity scarf is a continuous loop. Everyone is wearing them this year. Warm ones for cold weather, and lightweight ones in more temperate weather. They add interest and depth to an outfit. I often like to start shopping at One Stop Plus, because they carry such a range of retailers in plus sizes. But you can buy infinity scarves from a street vendor for around $10, an exhaustive array on Google, or a Biblical Quote Book Scarf or a whole array on Etsy. This one is monogrammed for $16. And of course for the seamstress there are free “do it yourself” instructions.

3. Get Jane Patient/Hospital Gown: $49.95. They are one size fits all, and that is me in a post I did last year about mine. I love it. I am so much more comfortable having a mammogram or going to the doctor’s office, knowing that I will be well covered. They are a little pricey, but I promise it is well worth the expense to have this level of physical and psychological well being, in an already stressful situation. And I think most women would not buy this for themselves, so it makes a particularly fine gift. To see my measurements, click HERE.

4. SWAK Perfect Leggings: $19.90. These are my favorite. “Where to get leggings that will fit” is the number one question I get on my blog. These fit the best of ANY I have ever purchased. They fit in the crotch, something about the material makes them hug me and never gap, and the ankles fit perfectly, often an issue in my life. They come in four neutral colors. The sizing chart says they fit 1X – 4X, up to a 52″ waist. My waist is easily 53″ or 54″ and I am a 4X, and they are more than comfortable, and I suspect they would fit the next size up.
Length 35″,  Waist 28″ – 52″, Hips 32″ – 60″, and Inseam 22″

5. Heavy Duty Velvet Hangers: $16.99 for 25 hangers. I often hear of plus size women struggling with keeping their clothes on the hanger. These do the trick.

I hope you enjoy them. And feel free to add to the list in your comments.


This is not a sponsored post.

4 thoughts on “5 Great Gifts to Give Your Plus Size Friend!

  1. Etsy has some AWESOME infinity and regular scarves for book nerds like me. I just got a Harry Potter Marauder’s Map one, and I’m going to order another one with a print of vintage book covers. A co-worker has one with the text from Pride and Prejudice. Different sellers, but they all seem to be around $40 (which isn’t bad for a nice scarf). You can also find some very cool scarves on 6pm.com. I particularly like Desigual…the scarves are big and full of bright colors.

    And as a side note: most hospitals & doctor’s offices HAVE bigger gowns, you just have to ask for them. I fit in the regular ones, sort of, but the sleeves are tight. However, having my own would have been nice…not so much for the fit, but at least then I wouldn’t worry as much about getting some nasty hospital infection.

    • Thanks for your comments. Love the scarves. But, I have rarely been anywhere but the hospital that has gowns big enough for me. I usually have to wear one to the front and one to the back to even be reasonably covered. I continue to be surprised by this. But thanks for your input.

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