I Love Plus Size Necklaces

I suspect you already know I love jewelry. Big costume jewelry, fun and edgy costume jewelry, arty jewelry, lots of jewelry. If I leave the house without a necklace, bracelets and earrings I do not feel dressed. So I thought I would share some great plus size looks and are happening right now and trending through Autumn.

I thought we would start with a favorite necklaces, that I wear all the time. It is a little kitschy and fun, and people love it, and under $30.00.

Desert Hues               Silver Discs                    Green Drops

  Desert Hues                                     Silver Discs                              Multi Color Drops

I found three that I liked a lot at Just My Size. They all have that big look and can dress up any outfit, and guess what, they are each under $20. How fun is that?

Green Black Gold Smoky Amber

Green Marquis              Black Discs                       Gold Chains                  Smoky Amber

Then I found found four at Jessica London, also quite reasonable at under $30 each. These also have that big look that I love. I hope you like them too.

Inspiration Statement Necklace Cyber Goddess Inspiration

Inspiration           My Statement Necklace  My Cyber Goddess                 Inspiration

And I cannot leave the subject of necklaces without discussing do it yourself (DIY). I made two this year, one funky steampunk necklace, and the other a huge statement necklace. It really is not any cheaper than buying something arty or unusual on Etsy, but every once in awhile I just feel the need to make something myself.


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  1. Affatshionista,

    I am a Boutique Owner with Kitsy Lane Inc. in operation of my own Ind. Bus. I just love your blog post and that necklace is beautiful–l’m a lover of jewelry as well. I just thought I’d share my Facebook page with you called K.L. Jewelry by Stacey you can follow here at https://www.facebook.com/KitsyLanebyStacey or if you wish you are more than welcome to join my boutique at https://kljewelrybystacey.kitsylane.com I have a ton of lovely pieces that I personally think you might enjoy!

    • I understand. I started to wear the flowers the other day and felt a little self conscious. But then later in the day I regretted my decision. Thanks for commenting.

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