Crocs for Wide Feet, And Yes! You Can Wear Them In Public!

Mondo Crocs

Mondo Crocs Size 10

I have always loved Mondo Guerra, from the very first show of Season Eight of Project Runway. I liked his quirky style and how he dressed and designed.

I will never forget the night he designed his own fabric on Project Runway. When asked for an explanation of what the design meant, he said he was HIV positive and the fabric design was his way of telling the world. I love the fabric, and from that moment forward I have wanted something designed by him, but nothing seemed to work for me. Then one day he designed some Crocs, but you could only buy them in the New York Crocs store. But recently they became available on the Crocs on-line site, where I especially like the flats and Mary Janes.

They are fabulous. Everytime I wear them I get lots of compliments, and they might be the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. It is like working on air. I wear a LOT of black and white so they work really well with my wardrobe. I usually wear a shoe size 9.5W, but the size 10 is perfect.

I like them so much I just bought another pair in what I hope is the same shape and style, the Gianna Flat, to wear with jeans and skirts. I would have liked a little less conservative style, but for comfort and fit, it seems like a good compromise. Do note that where the color of the shoe is flat rather than shiny, they do look a little like plastic or rubber. I tried a different version previously but they just fit too big all the way around and especially in the heel. They even have some with glitter!