Affatshionista’s First Year Anniversary

It is the first year anniversary of Affatshionista and it has been quite a ride. I have made new friends, I have a new fatshion hero, Beth Ditto and it has been one of the more engaging project I have ever taken on.  Thank you all for being here, it would not be any fun if I wrote it and no one read it, and I am having a fabulous time. Sometimes at an event someone will say to me “I read your blog and I really enjoy it or it makes be braver”, what could be more gratifying than that, because each of you reading my blog makes me braver.

The first post on Affatshionista is below, and it is a post from a prior blog in 2008 and I have also included my 2013 health update:


I first posted this in my blog in 2008 and thought y’all might like to know my point of view! I think one of the “elephants in the room” in my life is my weight and my health.I think people want to know more but are afraid to ask. I am glad they feel that way because the conversation, if raised, rarely goes well. So here is what I think you might actually want to know:

AS A BABY I was premature and weighed 3 1/2 pounds, I was very sick and frail as a child, epilepsy, asthma, pneumonia, etc. Both my parents smoked heavily and in fact died from cigarettes.
MY WEIGHT At around 12 I developed a HUGE appetite and became overweight, from skinny to overweight in 2 years. From age 13 until about 35 I dieted, binged, fasted, took courses and therapy in listening to my hunger, anything I could think of, I continued to put on weight. Then I decided I was going to be happy however I was, and I still put on weight. According to my doctor’s records, in 1990, 18 years ago, I weighed 284 pounds, this is the most I have ever weighed. Today I weigh 272 pounds.
EXERCISE I have exercised off and on all my life, I used to swim as a kid (Palm Springs, everybody swims). Stopped exercising in my early 20s. Then in 1984 or so after law school I became enamored with aerobics, even trained to teach aerobics for large women in about 1990 or so…I exercised 2 – 4 times a week, it varied…Posed for a leotard ad for large women, went to an aerobics conference with my teacher, was on tv 4 or 5 times dancing with my teacher and a couple of other people. Was always the “fit” big girl and proud of it. In 2001, my knees started giving me problems and then a couple of years later my hips started to hurt after walking more than 2 or 3 blocks, I have less stamina. I have exercised less since 2001. I still go to the gym most Saturdays, 30 minutes on the bike and workout with the fat girls. I know if I did more it would help, but I seem to be unwilling to make it happen in my life.
MY HEALTH Until a few years ago I was VERY healthy. Great heart, no problems except mobility and then about 18 months ago I had some symptoms that looked like diabetes. I was not surprised because of my weight, age and body type (barrel shape) I am a good candidate for diabetes and other problems. After some tests, I have struggled the last 18 months with pre-diabetes. I have lost about 10 pounds, eat far fewer carbs and more protein and vegetables. I still have a sweet tooth and desserts are my favorite, but I try to be conscious of what I eat. Today the doctor called and I have pushed back my pre-diabetes for the time being. All my tests are normal. I am pleased and he is pleased.
MY LIFE So, yes, I know I am fat, I have lost and gained lots of weight in my life, I am no longer doing that. I try to be friendly with food so it is not a struggle all the time, but it is my biggest foible. I do not know how to lose and keep off weight. The success rate is about 3% after 5 years. So, if you are concerned about my weight or my health, know that I too am concerned and doing all that I can to be healthy, but I will continue to be a human being that is good at some things and bad at others.

April 10, 2008 – 8:34 PM

Update on My Health, February 2013: I had my physical last month, the first in several years.  And guess what, it was fabulous!  My blood sugar was perfect, my heart beats per minute were normal, my cholesterol was good, my triglycerides a tiny bit high, but exactly the same as several ago, and guess what…I have only gained 2 pounds since 1990, when this doctor started keeping track of my weight. So I would say all in all this is a WIN!

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  1. Awesome blurb It was so wonderful being with you. Cathy Kathy and Gail last weekend. Yes, it felt as if we had never even left It’s that way with some special friends Are you going to make it on Sunday

    • I just cannot tell about Sunday yet, there is so much going on with moving it seems unlikely. Such a joy to see you, and thanks for reading and commenting on my post.

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