Nail Art Even I Can Do!

From Art & Fashion on Facebook - posted by GC Gabriela Cimpoaie

From Art & Fashion on Facebook – posted by GC Gabriela Cimpoaie

I have loved the new Nail Art everywhere this year.  It used to be you just saw it here and there and it was kind of edgy, but now it is ubiquitous.

prodesign eyeglasses VioletI saw the scotch tape method on Facebook and I thought to myself, even I can do that!  I can imagine nail polish colors to match my eyeglasses, violet and blue.  Do you think you might try this?

I am going to a big party on March 5th wearing black and pewter.  That might be the first round.  I just love having a new little project.

Feb 23, 2013: I think I have found what I am looking for for the Bay Lights Grand Lighting on March 5th.  To match my studded dress, my studded earrings, my studded leggings, my studded shoes and now studded nails.  The nails would all be the same and just the straight lines to match my dress, more about the dress later. Oh yes, and I will be having a professional do my nails, still not really in my range. Matchy, match, nothing succeeds like excess…Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 11.34.50 PM


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  1. I’ve been playing around with tape and nailpolish for the past couple months, it’s fun. I like to use masking tape because the top of the tape absorbs some of the excess nail polish and you can smash it down near your cuticles & edge of nails so the top layer of polish doesn’t bleed under.

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