VooDoo Doll Costume – D.I.Y.

So last night we went to a Voodoo Luau Birthday Party.  We had a great time, my friend was turning 39 and had a new deck with a view of the city.  So of course I had to make a new costume.

Top: Torrid – 4X with a heart pin cushion from ebay with stick pins in it, and a few stitches I added of lavender yarn
Skirt: (sorry no photo, it must be in someone else’s camera) 3X Jaclyn Smith from Kmart
Gloves: Amazon – Lace Gloves – Good fit and I love that they were already laced with ribbon.  I like these gloves even better and they look like you could actually adjust the size if you were larger, and they are less expensive.

Ciao Bellas…affinity

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