The Perfect Wide Boot v.2

For those of you, like me, that continue to be on the hunt for the perfect knee high wide calf boot here is my current favorite.  It is a David Tate.  I need a Size 9.5 WW US with a wide width and a wide calf.  I do really well with a lace boot, because although my feet and calves are wide, my ankles are not. Sometimes I like less expensive boots because they are lighter.  Today I found a new “on-line only” vendor.  At Wide Widths, not only do they sell wide boots but they tell you how to choose among them.

Everywhere I go I see knee high boots, but I live in my mid-calf comfortable, cheap Avenue Boots (above), which I wore yesterday.  I yearn for the elegance of knee high boots.  But as I have told you before, because of this yearning, and many years of failure, I have a deal with my husband that I will not order boots by mail, I can only buy boots if I try them on in person.  So I may wait for fall and check out the local Avenue and Torrid stores for knee boots (or I might just have to sneak in an order from Wide Widths, because I do love this David Tate, and so do my readers). I thought you might like to know about this on-line specialty boot shop.  Ciao Bellas…affinity

November 13, 2012 Update:  Great blog post by The Fat Girl’s Guide about Wide Calf Boots, HERE

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Wide Boot v.2

  1. I have an early version of the David Tate … I think I bought a David Tate shoe at a shoe store in San Mateo and since it fit … risked buying the boot from zappos …

  2. I bought a wide calf boot from the Wide Widths website last season. They were a bit expensive, but it looks like they’re going to last several seasons because they’re high quality. I’m wanting to say it was the Ros Hammer(something). I was a bit nervous about it, but they fit like a dream and last year, for the very first time, I was able to wear knee boots over my skinny jeans. I felt so chic!

    Yay for SUPER WIDE calf boots! =D

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