Cult of California – A Review

This is not really a review of Cult of California since I have not tried this clothing on, have not seen them on the runway nor touched them to feel the various fabrics, so much as a confession.  I have purchased six pieces of clothing, which I will not receive until late August and I am considering buying more. What have I found so interesting about their clothes? Style, innovation and a willingness to provide some “edge” to a plus size 28.  I have to try them or  I could not call myself a fatshionista.

I was an aerobics/gym person from 1984 until I fell away in 2010 and I love exercise clothes.  I hoped that this new line might encourage me to reenter the exercise world.  I wear a size 26-28 and am pleased their line runs to size 28, I will let you know how things fit when the clothes come.  This is what I bought, not very movement oriented but good for my wardrobe.

I bought these two exercise bras because sometimes when it is really hot, I find them more comfortable than a standard bra. In addition, one has interesting straps and the other has a little mesh panel that I like and those will both be fun under my t-shirts or sundresses. So exercise maybe, but additions to my wardrobe, YES!

Then I bought 2 jackets/hoodies.  I have been on the lookout for them because I often buy or receive hoodies with designs on them as schwag to support an art project or art organization.   But they are rarely large enough so I want to be able to transfer the designs to some jackets but I have not found anything lately that wasn’t too masculine, too heavy and above all is large enough.

Last but not least I feel in love with a sheer look tank and finally a pair of Rapture Leggings that cost $88.  That is a lot for a pair of leggings, but I just had to have them.

There were a couple of dresses I would have liked to purchase, especially the Empress Dress, but I have a lot of dressy dresses right now and not as many places as usual to wear them, so I resisted.  My understanding is that today is the last day to PRE-ORDER clothing from this line to guarantee delivery in August so if there is anything you feel you must have this is the day.  Ciao Bellas…affinity

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