A Curvy Girl goes to see the Art

Before we went on vacation we went to a benefit for the Black Rock Arts Foundation called ArtPadSF.  It is an amazing event.  It is at the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco, and an artist or gallery rents out each of the rooms.  So you can view 100 different artists in the small intimate setting that the Phoenix provides.

 In addition to all of the available art, the Black Rock Arts Foundation provides amazing entertainment throughout the evening, including bands and the KUNST-STOFF Dance Troupe in the swimming pool.

I wore a do-it-yourself outfit that is VERY comfortable and not very warm so I can also wear it to Burning Man.   A little net skirt over a slip, with a halter top that I bedazzled myself to match the skirt.  The leggings are Torrid size 2 which is kind of odd because in many of Torrid’s clothes I wear a size 5.  The elbow length fence net gloves are from Ebay, and are not a special size, I just find that fencenet often fits.  But I was not too concerned about my outfit because we were going to spend the evening outside and San Francisco is quite chilly in the evening, even in the summer.

Did you know that in 1994 both Isaac Mizrahi and Jean Paul Gaultier showed brightly colored fake fur in their runway shows?  I love my fake fur.  But of course I could not find fake fur in my size that was in my price range when I bought this a couple of years ago (you probably can now).  These coats are both just coats from costume sites that have been altered a little to fit.  Both of them have various size strips up the back of the lining or the coat itself because they were too small.  The extra fur for mine came off the bottom of my coat because I feel a little claustrophobic in long coats.

 My favorite part of the evening was when my friend Marco Cochrane, sculpted my other friend Laura Kimpton, who is also an artist, in just a couple of hours. Very amazing.  Much of the evening was spent just hanging out with my friends in this awesome venue. It was an amazing event and I am thrilled to share it with you.  Ciao Bellas…affinity

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