Geometrics Rock My World

Eyeglasses           Pendant Cami          Belt Skirt           Gladiator Sandals

ASOS Curve Skirt Size 24EyeglassesPendantCami (similar)                                Torrid Stretch Belt Size 4 (similar)- Gladiator Sandals Size 9.5WW (similar)

I fell in love with this skirt the moment I saw it. I love that the geometric print runs into itself and is a little off kilter, and I have continued to love the black and white trend and I still see it everywhere in fashion.

Black and White always looks modern,
whatever that word means.   Karl Lagerfeld

The skirt I am wearing is a Size 24 which is a little big and I have it pinned, but the Size 22 was a little small. I am wearing it backwards because I like the way the print falls better, and since it is a pencil skirt, back or front do not matter. The eyeglasses are vintage and just like the ones Doris Day wore in Caprice.


I found the earrings on Etsy, and they were just vintage round checkered tin earrings that someone had made cuts into, so that the pattern was uneven. I was so amused that they were as off kilter as the skirt that I bought them. And I suspect you will see me use that trick again. In addition they were stud earrings, and about ten years ago my ears started rejecting metal, so now I only wear clip earrings. Thus, I cut off the stud and replaced it with a set of clips, attached with my favorite glue E600, which it seems like I use everyday.

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Outfit Photos: Lydia Hudgens