5 Stores That Have Extra Wide Calf Boots!

I get searches on this blog everyday about boots. We love boots. They are everywhere. Every plus size blogger is putting together their list of their favorites. So I went on the hunt for the widest calf boots I could find.

I did not have to go very far, Simply Be has 21 pairs of what they call “Extra Curvy Plus” Wide Calf Boots. I believe this boot is the widest calf boot they carry.

simply be width chartThat means for a Size 10 the calf width is 23 1/4 inches. I know it is difficult to consider ordering boots from England, in case you have to return them, but OMG, 23 1/4 inches. Be sure to check their sizing chart to make sure you order the best size for you, and I love their reviews. And to check out their version of the elastic panel boot, which might even fit a little larger, click HERE! Let’s just see if we can do any better than that?

Wide Widths carries 12 super plus wide calf boots. That means the calf width is 24 3/4 inches for a size 13WW, which seems about the same as the Simply Be boots above.

Avenue has always been my go-to for boots. They are reasonably priced and I can often go to a store and try them on, but I am more of an apple shape and my calves fit fine in their widest calf of 19 inches. But they also have a boot with a STRETCH CALF BACK PANEL that might increase the calf width a lot, check it out HERE. We will continue on the search.

Jessica London has nine Comforview Brand of wide calf boots. For the Size 10 boots their calf sizes are also 19 inches.

I often hear about DUO boots, and if you are looking for expensive, lovely boots they are great, but their size 10 calf size appears to be about 19 1/2 inches, which is fairly similar to Jessica London and Avenue above. (50 CM is about 19.685 inches)

Update from a reader about DUO:

Duo actually has multiple calf widths…I’m not sure what they are in inches because I’m too lazy to do math, but they come in 2-centimeter increments up to (I think) 50 cm? And I believe you can order whatever calf width you want in whatever size you want. The website says that the calf widths over 45 also have a little wider width in the foot. I bought a pair on clearance and they’re lovely. They were still more than I’ve ever spent on shoes, but they’re beautiful and they fit like a glove.

Regarding Boot Bands, this is a quote from a friend on Facebook:

The shaft of a boot has centered lines running up the middle of the front, back, and each side. Sometimes it’s a seam or a zipper, sometimes not. If you’re going to add a section of leather to expand the circumference, the most appropriate place to add it is in the rear of the shaft. If you add it to one side or the other, the shaft twists and the rear seam will be crooked.

Another update about DUO 12/27/2014:

I know we’re always searching for wide calf boots, so i just wanted to post my new boots from DUO! i was kind of worried about fit because my calves are outside the highest measurements (49-50cm) but i was surprised to find that this pair (Flore) they have small elastic gussets. duo customer service is also incredibly helpful–I sent them an email prior to purchasing and they responded quickly and with very useful info. (they mentioned that Beaumont would fit a 51-52 cm calf!) i can’t speak about any other pairs, but Flore fits my 20-21″ calves very easily, and i imagine that they’ll stretch with wear because they’re leather. they’re gorgeous black leather and i looooooooove them. They are expensive, but I got them during their black Friday sale and they are also having a sale right now.

Update 1/14/2015: Custom Boots

From Facebook: If you have the budget for it & want a really great quality pair of boots check out Boots for Broads; I believe its an Australian company and they custom make the boot to your exact foot & calf size. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews although I’ve never been able to spend the money to get my own. If you have the $$ to spend its definitely worth it, good luck!

There are some great choices here, I would love to hear from you if you know of other extra wide calf boots!