Plus size 4X Gloves That Fit ME! for Halloween Costumes or Everyday

spider armwamerI bought spider undies (and yes, today they still have the 4X) and had thought I might build a costume around them with tights and a little cami or tank with some decoration added to it,  and I wanted some gloves to wear with it. I wear gloves a lot and I think gloves add a lot to a costume or dressing up, and are an inexpensive way to fill a costume out.  Especially if I am wearing something sleeveless people always mention it when I wear long gloves. It just fills in that gap.  The widest part of my wrist is 7 1/4″ and the widest part below my elbow is 11 1/4″, not the biggest arms ever for a 4X so use my advice with caution.

So here are some spidery/boney/starry and checkered gloves that have worked for me and I think would arrive before Halloween if you ordered them today.

Ordered 9/28 – delivered from China 10/7. These cost $10.49 shipped, they fit perfectly and might stretch another 1 and 1/2 inch or 2 inches, they come in a variety of designs and they are not toooooo warm. They are a poly knit of some type, like a light decorated sock might feel.

work gloves spider
New GOTHIC 80s Metal Black White Spider Web Mens Black Work Gloves Goth PUNK
Ordered on 9/28 – Arrived 10/2  Would fit a larger hand than mine. These feel like real work gloves, they are heavy and have a rubber sole on the inside.  The decoration is some kind of liquid plastic that would come off after awhile if you worked in them, but I think will last pretty well for street wear. I ended up buying a spider sweater so I think I am going to make these fingerless and wear them, unless it is hot in San Francisco that day (which it sometimes is in October).

woven spider glove 4xFine Webs Black Fingerless Gloves, arm warmers, New with tags, Costume, Claire’s
I bought these first.  They will not be hot and I knew they would fit, because almost all fishnet gloves fit me. These are truly One Size Fits All, they would stretch forever. I paid $6.55 shipped.   These are much more generous than most fishnet gloves, which is what I often wear, but they will not wear very well.  These are from Claire’s originally so you might watch for this sort of thing at those stores. If I decide to wear them I will add a spider decoration, which is now sold out.

I could see myself wearing all three of these sets of gloves on different occasions since they are different lengths, so I am going to keep them.  But usually if I have decided I am not going to wear something I would carry it with me to give to someone I come across that admires my gloves or is unhappy they have not done anything to dress up.

Here are a couple more that I considered, but did not order so I cannot speak to delivery times or fitability, or the nature of the fabric, but I liked them.

High Elastic Antislip Spider Web Wristbands Elbow Guard Protective Gear Sport
These also come in red/orange and look like they are made of finer material, but they might or might not fit.

Spiderweb web arm warmer stockings black white pattern black widow opaque nylon
I liked these too, and they look way too big for the mannequin, so they MIGHT work.

More Halloween news to come, watch this space, and do not forget to check my Size 4X Plus Size Costume Post which I have been updating.

Update 10/15/2013:

opera glovesThis just in, these Opera Length Gloves fit plus size Plus… I have been looking for a pair, they are on my list.


D.I.Y. Plus Size 26 Santa – Mrs. Claus Costume

PhotoNicolo_aff santa copy with hatFor the past 6 or 7 years my husband has been Santa at a Volunteer Appreciation Party, so we have more than our share of photos together dressed in Santa costumes, but this is the first year I have had a fatshion blog to share my D.I.Y. costume on.

It is VERY simple:

Hat: Fedora from e4Hats, a lot of their hats run large so I start with them when I am looking for a hat.  It is just a $20 red fedora and I added white marabou around the brim.  I lost it at the party so I will be replacing it.

Cami: Plain red cami from Avenue, Size 26 – 28, I added white marabou around the bodice.

Skirt:  Plain red skirt I purchased on Ebay years ago with a large black waist band, handmade.  But if I were looking for one today I would try Jessica London, Avenue and One Stop Shop.  They all carry Sizes 24+ and are not too expensive.

Leggings:  Leg Avenue Size 3-4X, but the last time I tried that size they were too small.  If I were going to buy them today I would buy them from We Love Color, in this striped tight I am right at top of their size range, but their plain colors go to 375 lbs. (We Love Color no longer makes this striped tight)

Gloves: I buy almost any brand for as little as $5 of fingerless, fishnet gloves.  They have always fit.

Boots:  Last year’s Avenue lace up boot, Size 9.5 W, I wear them often, and the bows were in with my wrapping paper box and I tied them to my laces.

I am thinking of adding white marabou to the bottom of the skirt, what do you think?

My hat disappeared at the party (I rarely lose anything but it is gone, so it is time for a new one).  I purchased this one, which is a little pricey but I loved how fancy and light it was since my head gets too warm inside buildings sometimes.  But it is too big, and I have a big head, so I will be returning it this week.

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 9.11.20 AMHope you had a happy holiday,              Ciao Bellas…affinity

photo: Nicolo Sertorio

Update December 2013: I ended up keeping the hat and using it with my Mrs. Claus costume.  I think the new look makes the argument that almost anything will work, even a “go to church on Sunday, hat” it you add your personal touch. santa hat