Everyday Style in a Torrid Size 3!

New Size 3 at TorridWhen our blogging collective chose “Everyday Style” as our theme this month, I knew that I wanted to wear a tunic and cropped leggings, because that is my everyday style. So I started shopping at Torrid because I really wanted to see how the new sizes fit on me. You can read about Torrid’s new sizes HERE. This is a Torrid 3X tunic, and a new arrival. I have always worn a 4X top at Torrid. This 3X is just a tiny bit snug around my hips, but I am clear the 4X would be too large. So a 3X it is.

Size 3 TorridTunic: Torrid Size 3 Striped Cinch Tunic Top
Leggings: From my closet over 3 years ago
Zipper Gladiator Sandals Size 10 WW – Jessica London ComfortView

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE

EVERYDAY STYLE-2Don’t stop here. Check out AHEAD OF THE CURVE where my fellow bloggers will show you their looks for our “Everyday Style” collaboration. Just click HERE.

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photo: Tex Allen

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