Wide High Top Sneakers – T.U.K.

I love shoes and I love a little edge.  But I have a wide foot and as most of you know that is often limiting.  So I heard that someone with a widish foot was buying some T.U.K.s and I had to check it out.  And then I found these, purple and pink but with white zebra, but just TOO much white. They were on sale for $25 and the description said that they ran large and you should order a smaller size.  So I ordered a 9, I wear a 9.5 and they fit perfectly.  Plenty of room for my wide feet and lots of cushion.  And then I used a fabric ink pen to make the white zebra into lavender zebra.  I am thrilled.

They also have a mix tape version for $20 and a black version (but not in very many sizes). I do not know that other TUK sneakers would fit me. This may be an anomaly and that is why they are so cheap, but I am thrilled. Ciao Bellas…affinity

UPDATE: I wore these for the second time last night and I doubt I will buy high tops again.  The extra leather around my ankle just feels like too much. Lesson learned, next time regular sneakers, but with wild colors or print if possible.

UPDATE:  I looked on the inter webs and of course was rewarded with some suggestions with how to wear them so here are a couple of links:

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