Annalogy – Gorgeous Clothes to a Size 5X

 I stopped by the the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance Convention in San Mateo a couple of weeks ago to see my friends and to checkout the trunk show from the plus size clothing stores, who often carry clothes 4X and larger.  And there I found my long time friend Marilyn Wann, a force for good in the fat acceptance world.  She is even in Wikipedia, gotta love that.  I asked her what she was wearing this year and she could not say enough good things about Annalogy, They carry sizes to a 5X, which is a size 30-32.  I love their styling I can see a sophisticated business woman wearing some of the looks and yet some of the other pieces are very versatile and could fit in any wardrobe.

Here is what my friend Marilyn had to say:

Yes! I was squeaking with delight! I *LOVE* *LOVE* *LOVE* Annalogy’s Anna Roberson’s fashion sense! She uses fabrics that are modal (a kind of super-soft rayon) with a bit of spandex. My total favorite fabric! And she styles them into exactly the kinds of garments that are going to let me live the fantasy of wearing modal every day and feeling like I’m in a cozy bed all the time! Squeak of delight!!!

My friends met me at the trunk show and we then ended up dancing in the hall with two of my prior aerobics teachers, Deb Burgard from the 1980s and the Cinder Ernst from the 90s and the 2000s (is that how you think I should express the period of 2000-2010?) and my good friend Carol Squires.  It was old home week, a combination of two teachers that have been very important to me and a friend I do not see very often, but danced with for years, and the delight of dancing to songs that I know so well my body was just thrilled.  Just SO much fun!    Ciao Bellas…affinity

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  1. I am proud to have modeled for the 2012 Annalogy line. this is comfort and style at its best and Anna and Dorez are just fabulous people to boot!

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