Torrid! Torrid! Torrid! and a little ASOS Curve

I am not really a floral kind of girl, but I just had to try this sweater because it came out in spring and I thought it might be really light, and guess what, it is.  Is is half the weight of similar sweaters I own like this and this.  It was 68° here in San Francisco so I wanted a little something to cover up with and to brighten up my dress. I love the silver sparkle, floral leggings except that the size is weird.  They are a 2X and a 1X would actually fit better and the are from Torrid, where I wear a 5X dress.  And you may have noticed that these big bracelets are my staple this month.  Just liking the weight and fun on my wrist. Here are the deets…affinity

Sweater: Torrid Size 4X
Footless leggings: Torrid Size 2X
Bangle Bracelets: Torrid
Balloon Skater Dress: ASOS Curve Size 22
Elyse Boots: Avenue Size 9.5W

6 thoughts on “Torrid! Torrid! Torrid! and a little ASOS Curve

  1. Rad! The floral totally works–especially with the coral on top & burgundy on bottom.

  2. I think it needs a necklace, all about the styling as they would say on Project Runway, since it is such a deep neckline. So I am going try that next time. After almost every blog post I see someway I could have improved my look. I guess it takes seeing it on paper to see the details. LOL

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