Facebook, The New Online Plus Size Thrift Store – v. 2014

This outfit is a combination of FatToo Grand, ebay, Crafting (do it yourself) and a gift.

This outfit is a combination of FatToo Grand, ebay, Crafting (do it yourself) and a gift.

There are many plus size used clothing sites on Facebook. I just bought this dress on FatToo Grand, from one of my fellow Ahead of the Curve Bloggers for $30 shipped. Great deal, I am sure she did not wear it much and I know ASOS Curve sizing so I knew it would probably fit, but I could just as easily have missed it if I had not been online.

The FatToo groups have the most complete rules and the sellers are individuals. Some of the other sites allow small business owners.  One other tip, if you later want to find something, if you can remember what group it was in, there is search capacity for the groups, on the upper right hand of the page under the cover photo.  I make a screen shot of everything I buy or sell so I have a record of what I paid and I can go back and let the seller know I received the item.

Measurements: Rule of Thumb: On all of the FatToo groups it is pretty safe to double the measurement in your head if it is in the 20s and 30s. If it’s in the 40s and up, it is likely the actual full measurement.

READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING: There are rules about sizing, about who was the first person to say “I want it”, when you can “bump” an older post to the top of the list, and above all, these sites are not money making sites. They are a place for us to exchange clothes, and help one another wear fabulous clothes.

Most of these groups are “Private”.  In order to join, go to the far right side of your screen and click the * and click to ask to join the group.  Women only!

I am going to list a few and you can see what might work for you:

FatToo: Sizes 20+  over 11,533 members

FatToo Grand: Size 28+  3,574 members

FatToo Accessora: Shoes, purses, belts, etc. 5,366 members

FatToo Incognito: Costumes 3,048 members

FatToo Night: Nightwear, intimates 4,650 members

FatToo Lite, the Prequel: Sizes 12-18. (Combo size 18/20 can be listed in FatToo Lite, the Prequel or in FatToo) 562 Members

FatToo Fancy and Bridal: Fancy, prom, formal,  or bridal clothing 3,020 members

FatToo Anonymous: All the fashion, chat, spillover from the group FatToo. Post pictures of yourself wearing your FatToo Purchases. I find this is especially useful for asking about a vendor you have not used before. Fatpositive only  3,084 members

FatToo ISO: Looking for, want, or any form of In Search Of is allowed 2,203 members

FatToo Blue Light Special: A place to post plus size coupons, sales, etc.! 2,416 Members

Fatshion: This group provides a spot for people to show what they are wearing and where thy got it.  Kind of like a “superblog”.  I read it everyday!

Cautionary Tales:

  • Beware, get to know the site a little before you send anyone any money.
  • Almost all transactions are done thru Paypal, so you are trusting someone to send you something.  If there is an ongoing problem with someone they will probably get banned from the group, but you could lose your money in the interim.
  • There is also the sizing issue, the groups are very strict about posting in the correct size, and different people define that differently.  There are no returns for the most part so check the sizing and be sure you ask for the measurements where you might be unusual.  I have smallish arms but a big waist, since I am an apple shape.
  • In addition there are quality issues, I bought some summer clothes recently and they were in pretty bad shape and had been cheap to begin with, but some other things have been great.

On the other hand, I have NEVER bought a piece of clothing at a thrift store unless it was a plus size store and those are few and far between.  So I am loving these online thrift stores and am willing to take an occasional loss to get something fun at a discount.

There are many other groups but I cannot really tell you about them since I do not belong to them, but you can search at the top of your Facebook page for plus size clothing and mostly you can tell who the vendors are and what groups might be more individual sales groups.  If you know of any other on-line sites that you love, feel free to share them.