A Beautiful Day in San Francisco

LEATHER_6 smallI love to throw my whole heart into something. That’s how I feel about blogging.
Last Wednesday when I had what started out as my worst photo shoot ever – I forgot my hairbrush, what I thought was hairspray was actually moisturizer – my series of mistakes made me feel less than confident. But I knew I had to go for it since I was working with a professional photographer from NYC, so I carried on, just as I was supposed to.

As the photographer was about to start shooting, a crowd of about 40 teenagers were suddenly moving toward us. OMG, I thought how am I, this woman as old as their grandmothers, going to keep it together in front of what I assumed would be a tough audience.

But I put my head up, chin down, and let the photographer work and then a young goth girl with dyed black hair, a tiny bit chunky spoke up from the crowd and said,
“You look so beautiful” and she smiled right at me with her beautific smile.
My world lit up, and the rest of the shoot was easy. Many of the kids hung around to see the rest of the photo shoot and seemed to enjoy the excitement of a photo shoot in their neighborhood.

When I got in the car and we were leaving the girl waved to me, and I smiled and waved back. My sweetie, who had been in the car the whole time, said to me, “Why did she wave to you” and I said, because she told me “You look beautiful.”
It was a special moment I will always remember. Her moment of kindness and reaching out changed my day. One never knows where we will find a little kindness.

LEATHER_7 small cropJacket – MYNT1792 Faux Leather Jacket Size 4X
Turtleneck – Lands End Size 3X
Skirt – eShakti Size 28

Photographer: Lydia Hudgens Photography

7 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day in San Francisco

  1. Great story of a child of kindness. How intuitive she was, that goth girl. I think that was a lot of skirt for you, and the jacket appeared a bit long for your body shape with your seemingly shorter stature and voluminous skirt…but you always look happy and that is the bottom line!!!!!

    • I agree that the skirt is a lot, and I usually wear a more cropped jacket. But not every outfit you choose works perfectly, sometimes I do not know how it is working until I am photographed in it. LOL

  2. I find you very inspiring to larger ladies such as myself, glad I found your site. 🙂 you look amazing!

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