Reallllly, Back to School?

Felt Bowler Hat - Vest - Mini  Skirt High Top Sneakers (similar and just as wide)

ASOS Curve Felt Bowler Hat                       –                   Mynt 1792 Vest size 4X –                                                   ASOS Curve Mini Skirt Size 24
T.U.K. High Top Sneakers (similar and just as wide)

So when someone in Ahead of the Curve suggested “Back to School” as our September blog subject, I thought OMG, I haven’t even thought about school clothes in 40 years. I started college at 25 so my approach to dressing for school was a little different. BUT, I had fallen in love with this felt bowler hat on ASOS Curve that I wanted to try, and I love, and they also had this mini skirt that just screamed school, and then I had to check and see if there are still school-girls in high top sneakers, and or boots, and guess what, there are, and it all came together. So here we are!

vest holding hatI thought I would try the look two different ways.

I wore the bowler hat out and about yesterday and everyone loved it. It is quite large (and I have a big head), and is difficult to keep on my head so I am going to try a couple of little twists of hair to anchor it to, or to put something in the hat to make it a little smaller. It is lightweight, which I love, and thus not too warm.

The vest is going to have to be returned. The armholes are HUGE and since it is scuba material, quite heavy. So you can’t wear it in the heat nor the cold. Very sad, because I really like it.

My name from Egypt 1989 Family Pendants Cartouches Egypt 1989 Family Pocket Watch

My name from Egypt 1989
Family Pendants
Cartouches Egypt 1989
Family Pocket Watch

The gold necklaces are mine that I have acquired over the last 30 years. I made black silk cord into necklaces using these lobster clasps so I could get the correct length so they would be the length I wanted. I am trying to use the jewelry that was my mother’s and my mother-in-law’s, rather than buy new.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.




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    • Grease 2 was really the only choice for me. Love all that singing and dancing. I don’t actually get to wear the glasses since they do not have RX glass in them, but they do amuse me. Thanks Stina.

  1. I love the creeper shoes, I wasn’t in highschool but i totally wore the high spice girl platform shoes. hahah.. Love the whole outfit and that little hat is so cute.

  2. Your back to school music is great! I was going to comment that the vest does great things for your waist, so I’m just as sad that it’s being returned.

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