OMG, Hell Bunny 2X – 4X on Sale: AND Buy One – Get One for $1

I have not shopped at Hot Topic in years, BUT I saw someone post a Hell Bunny dress that they had gotten from them. When I went to check it out, most of them were on sale AND, SOME OF THEM ARE, Buy One Get One for $1. OMG!

Hell Bunny Plus Size usually cost about $90.00 apiece, at Amazon, for example.

Hell Bunny runs a little small in the waist for me, since I am an apple shape, but I just bought one from a friend that I know is going to fit because it has elastic all across the back, and I am going to look for other styles that are similar.

Although not my favorite print, I can see from the “bacK” photo that this one has an elastic panel in the back, that may make it my first choice.

Hot Topic also has some great graphic tanks to a 3X, but probably too small for me.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.


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  1. Cute Clothes. I’m Glad For That Get Another Item For A Dollar Because Those Prices Are A Bit Steep

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