I Am Loving ASOS Curve Salon

asos curve salonI love ASOS Curve. I love that they are trendy. I love that their sizes run large, and I can wear many of their US Size 22s and almost all of their US Size 24 clothes. AND they have great sales. They are at the top of my “go to list” for clothes.

And YAY, they are creating a more upscale look in their summer 2014 collection, ASOS Curve Salon.

On my list for summer is the easy fit and flare print with the white inserts. I do not always buy new trends but I like this one a lot. And who does not need a beautiful embellished dress?

asoscurve salon sale collageBut I have also loved the three Salon dresses that are on sale, which are on the same page for ASOS Curve Salon. Some of the sizes are sold out, but they are worth checking out, in my humble opinion.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

UPDATE: 6/21/2014 ASOS had a fire and stopped taking orders until the damage could be assessed. Hopefully there will not be too much damage.


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