Beth Ditto Prom Dress Goes to a Garden Party

Ditto prom LGWhaddya know, another Beth Ditto post. When I realized that the theme for our Ahead of the Curve Blogging Collective’s, May post was Garden Party I knew just what I wanted to wear. I have had this dress for about a year, it is the Beth Ditto Stain Glass Prom Dress from her 2009 Evans collection, and of course I bought it on ebay. I fell in love with it and looked for it for a long time before I found it. It has never seemed very “promish” to me since it is a floral, cotton sundress, but I expect to wear it a lot in the near future. I may try it with a belt. I love that it has pockets.

beth ditto prom dress jewelryAfter I saw this photo of Beth in this dress I decided I had to have a statement necklace, and of course I had to make it myself?

signature necklace LGBut of course I got carried away, and I made it a little larger than was necessary, but what fun I had. I call it assemblage. I started with four inexpensive clear rhinestone brooches and just kept adding glass buttons and beads from Etsy, and from my stash of old jewelry from my mother-in-law and my mom, onto the heavy chain I had in my jewelry box. The earrings are from the 80s. I think I paid $6 for them on Etsy also.

ditto sweaterThis is the end of my Beth Ditto stash, time to look for more. I would love to have this sweater, also from the 2009 collection, but I have never seen it on ebay. Maybe they did not make very many. I am sure someone has one in a closet somewhere, and they never wear it, and it is just sitting there waiting for them to sell it to me.

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21 thoughts on “Beth Ditto Prom Dress Goes to a Garden Party

  1. I love that dress. I bought it the first time it came out but i didn’t have the courage to wear it. Now I want it again! You look amazing in it

    • I haven’t really worn it in the world. Everytime it is warm enough I opt for something easier, so I really understand… Thanks for commenting.

  2. you made the necklace? how awesome it is amazing statement piece… i love the dress too.. its super on trend and i love the colors… 🙂

  3. What a cute dress. I love colors, especially as shown in your picture compared to the company pic. Blogs showing “real life” pics of clothes are so helpful in this way, because color representation seems to be truer than in promo photos. Nicely done with the necklace too!

  4. I love the floral dress on you! the necklace actually looks like it jumped off the dress! it goes so well, they complement each other. for another look, using that edgy belt does slim the waist some more. thumbs up!! great styling.

    • Thanks for commenting, I agree, an edgy belt would be great. I love your blog and your style. I am always looking for style help, I would love to hear from you anytime.

    • Thanks Amy, I really appreciate the feedback. I am sure there are a bunch of people out there going, OMG, look at the size of that. Thanks so much for commenting.

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