Spinning the Color Wheel at Evans Plus Size

The Remaining 'CUT' Collection Pink Cami Green Cami

The Remaining ‘CUT’ Collection Evans U.S. Size 28
Pink Cami – From my Closet
ASOS Curve Green Cami U. S. Size 22 (A little big for me)

When I saw that Evans had a line, “CUT”, designed as part of a competition by students from a couple of Universities that were known for their strong print and knitwear design divisions, I was thrilled and I knew I had to have a piece.


Then the skirt went on sale. And our Ahead of the Curve topic was Miss Matched. So I started mixing and matching camis to wear with the skirt, dark green? does it need orange? or red? is mint green too blue?, trying things on and then trying them on a different way.

evans jumpsuitIt happens that Evans accidentally sent me the jumpsuit also, so I thought you might like to see it too. It runs a little long as jumpsuits often do. This would need to be shortened.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

J. Crew Necklace

J. Crew Necklace (Similar)

I went through my jewelry, How much could I wear, and stay in the color family? And then I went to an event and my friend, Jennifer Raiser, was wearing a green and hot pink necklace I could borrow, what are the odds of that?

And then shoes, well shoes were kind of a bust. I don’t have any forest green shoes or hot pink shoes, so white sandals it is.

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  1. What a great idea layering camis and tanks like that. I’m going to try that this summer. And another vote for the jumpsuit as well!

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