Jenny Strauss in Bettie Page from ModCloth

Dress: Bettie Paige - 4X Shoes: Flurvog

Dress: Bettie Page – 4X
Shoes: Fluevog

Our guest, Jenny Strauss, who has graced our blog on many occasions, wore a stunning Bettie Page dress to her company’s winter holiday party. Jenny bought it in Seattle when she was there last June at the Bettie Page store on Broadway (Capitol Hill), and there is a store in San Francisco, and of course they have an online store. But I chose the link on the photo at ModCloth because it is no longer in stock in the online store.

She wore a 4X and she asked me to let you know that it runs a little small, although the reviews on ModCloth give it mixed sizing reviews.

Jenny also had her hair and makeup done and she said after that experience, “I want to be styled all the time.”

I agree Jenny, every time I get dressed I wish I had a stylist to “check my work” LOL.


9 thoughts on “Jenny Strauss in Bettie Page from ModCloth

  1. I had been looking at this dress and wondering if it would fit. Jenny actually looks considerably smaller than me so I am thinking it probably wont. Thanks for the post.

    • I’m not so small – the picture is misleading. I am a 2x or 22 on top and a 24/26 on the bottom depending on the fit. That said, the 4x from Bettie Page is their largest and was almost too small, but it fit perfectly.

  2. I believe their 4x is the same as a 18. which seems off to me..but still a lovely dress. wish it was in a size I could wear 🙂

  3. I had looked at that dress as well, but thought it wouldn’t fit and looking at this, no way, as she is a lot smaller than me, but it looks awesome on Jenny especially with the hair etc…

  4. I look much smaller in that pic than I am, not sure why. I wear a 22 on top and 24 or 26 on the bottom. Typically in a dress with a flare skirt like this I’d get a 2x, not a 4x.

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