ASOS Curve Body Con Geometric Dress – Plus Size Review

asos geometric lgI just cannot decide whether or not to keep this dress.  Clearly it needs to be shortened, but I fits comfortably, it is made of light fabric and it is really fun. I bought it on sale so it is not that expensive, maybe without the belt and a better bra…  BUT the real question is will I wear it? All those dresses I have that are easy to wear, and fun and flirty, this is sort of dramatic and VERY revealing.  I would love to hear your opinion. And I suspect I am leaning toward sending it back since this is the only time I have worn it.

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ASOS Curve Body Con Dress, US Size 24
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11 thoughts on “ASOS Curve Body Con Geometric Dress – Plus Size Review

  1. I think for something so bold it’s quite flattering. Seems useful to have on hand for when you have to go to a fancy-lady thing (a luncheon, a fundraiser, etc.) and want to dress up a bit but still be expressive and unique. To me the belt works, as does the chunky black necklace and red lip –but if something’s too revealing for me, I can never quite settle into it. Only you can decide that part. 🙂

  2. I think it’s very sophisticated. Perfect for when you want a grown-up look. But that doesn’t mean dull. It’a still unique and full of personality.

  3. I love this on you. The length looks good as is but not with those boots. Shortening will cut off the pattern in an awkward place and reduce the impact of the print. It’s so sophisticated and so flattering. I vote keep.

  4. I love this on you too but do you feel comfortable? If you don’t, you probably won’t wear it. Have you worn it anywhere or just around the house? I suggest wearing it out to an event to see if you “ease” into it and then decide. I think you look wonderful, though I agree a higher or lower boot might be better – and it is extremely flattering. Extremely.

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