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Twelve dresses of the 134 - Size 26 - that are available today

Twelve dresses of the 134 – Size 26 – that are available today

I recently signed up for my free one month trial of Gwynnie Bee. Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription service for size 10-32 clothing, yes they go to a size 32. Right now, when I go to the “Dresses” they have 134, Size 26 dresses and 61 size 32 dresses. How cool is that?

You get to shop lots of different brands and you get to keep the clothes as long as you like.

You pay a flat monthly subscription fee for access to the entire collection. For three garments out at a time, the monthly fee is $79. The subscription also covers unlimited free shipping and exchanges.  I LOVE this idea and I LOVE that they are focusing on plus size.

They offer a 30 day free trial period: I love this. Read more about it HERE.

How it Works. You sign up for a plan (between 1 and 10 garments out at a time) and they ship you items from your “closet” (a list of items you choose) to wear for as long as you like. It may feel somewhat similar to Netflix, in that it is a set price, but the HUGE difference is that if you have the “3 at a time plan” you have to have chosen 8 garments, and you cannot specify which of those garments you will get. Gwynnie Bee can send ANY item from your “closet”, not the next ones in your “queue”.

The First Box. Gwynnie Bee shipments come in a super well sealed box and include the clothes along with care instructions, etc. The clothes themselves are labelled clearly so you don’t accidentally wash a dry clean only item and so you can easily find the outfit again on their website. (although you only need to clean it if you want to wear it again, they will clean it when they get it back). The clothes look great and are clean and pressed.

It took my first box 4 days to arrive, but in reading other reviews the timeframe may be shorter or longer than that, and once you have them in rotation it would not be an issue, but Amazon 2 day delivery has spoiled me.  They have VERY responsive customer service, I asked some questions and within several hours I had my answers.

Should You Get It – Should I Get It?  I think if you’re a person who shops regularly, Gwynnie Bee could be AMAZING for you. The most expensive plan is $159 a month but with 10 items out at a time, you could wear something different every time you go out. I can see if I did not like an item I would just return it immediately. And, they have made it REALLY easy to return the items with pre-paid bags. I wanted to try it because I wanted to try several brands of clothing to see how they fit. I am always reluctant to buy something if I do not know anything about fit.

A lot of us will get the smaller package – the 3 items out at a time plan for $79.  I think it is a great deal if you like wearing a variety of clothes, and for many of us, over a year we might spend about that amount, and the variety is endless.

Plus Size. It is SO exciting to have access to such a range of plus sizes and brands.  In my first box I tried Mynt 1792, which goes up to a size 4X, An ASOS Curve sequin pencil skirt that I did not think would work, so I never would have bought it, and a Style & Co 3X shift dress that I would not expect to work but looks okay  (reviews to come).

This sort of rental service has existed for a long time in smaller sizes, I am thrilled that we now have all these choices. AND, it you like some variety, it can be fun. Give it a try, you will be glad you did!

A tip for increasing to odds of getting the item you want: 
If you subscribe to three pieces of clothing, they require that you have 8 or 10 pieces of clothing that you have requested (your wish list) before they will send you any pieces of clothing. If you keep your wish list to the required minimum (as opposed to 20 items on your wish list at any time), your odds of receiving what you actually want increase. BUT, it will slow down the process of them sending you something because you have given them fewer options to chose from. A conundrum.

May 2014 Update: I gave up my subscription because I am not working anymore I did not need this variety of clothes. The clothes are occasionally delayed, but if you keep more items in “your closet” they have more options of what to send you. Have Fun!

October 1, 2014 Update: They no longer offer the free one month trial.


17 thoughts on “Gwynnie Bee – Netflix for Clothes – A Plus Size Review – 4X Plus

  1. I <3 Gwynnie Bee. Today I'm wearing one of their new arrivals… From Karen Kane, a handkerchief hem top in zebra. I love it! This top retails for $114. Luxury for CHEAP! Long live Gwynnie Bee!

  2. I’ve been waiting to read a review about Gwynnie Bee. I like this idea very much, especially since my size has been going down lately. It’s a nice problem to have but it’s terrible for the wardrobe!

    It also occurred to me this would be excellent for traveling. Do you know if they will let you temporarily change the delivery address? You could have everything shipped to your hotel and then send it back at the end of your trip. No horrible end of trip laundry and cheaper luggage fees.

    Thanks so much for the review. I’m gonna sign up for the free trial.

    • I have read the FAQs a couple of times and not noticed address changes but I would just contact customer service. They are very responsive. Give it a try. I am having fun.

    • If you were going to go on vacation for an extended period of time, I’m sure that they’d consider it… but since they don’t guarantee delivery times, they likely wouldn’t want to risk you forgetting to change your mailing address back and them having clothing out in the wind, so to speak. When I took Gwynnie Bee items on vacation, I took the pre-paid mailers with me and mailed them back from my vacation destination (continental US)… I wore them early in my trip on in my 8-day trip. No need to pack them home and new items were waiting for me upon my return.

      • I’ve read at least one or two blogs from members that had things shipped to them while on vacation and/or have returned things from vacation (which is great…more room to shop on your trip). They will also try to accommodate requests for items if they can. Their customer service really is amazing.

  3. I used Gwynnie Bee for three months after reading a ton of glowing reviews from plus bloggers, but I think the customer service, while good, isn’t quite as amazing and accommodating for the average person. It can be really difficult to actually get your hands on some of the most popular pieces, for example. I get why it’s important for a company to court bloggers early on, but I think they should “court” regular folks, too!

  4. I agree they should court regular people too. I am not known to Gwynnie Bee as a blogger, just a regular trial membership person. I have had very good service in my 1st month, including an extra week because they delayed sending me anything for a couple of days.
    But I agree, that the service would be MUCH more satisfying if I could get the specific item I want. I am in Palm Springs this week on vacation and I somehow did not end up with anything light enough to wear in this weather average 86º this week. But the other side of that coin is I do not know how they could have enough of each size without having a list of item that I want to choose from. It seems like a difficult situation from all sides.

    Thanks so much for commenting. I am thrilled to have you reading my blog.

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  8. I signed up in September 2013 and I received no articles of clothing but they did drain 63.13 out of my bank account. Be careful, Ladies!!!! This is a scam!!!!

    • I am sorry to hear you have had a problem. I have received all of my clothes on a timely basis. Perhaps you should contact them by email and try to straighten it out.

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