Review – ASOS Curve Pinafore Denim Dress

asos denimI know you have been reading a lot about ASOS Curve on my blog lately. They are not sending me clothes (I wish they were) but I am just finding so much fun interesting clothing, AND ASOS Curve has just recently gone from carrying a U.S. size 20 to a generously sized U.S. 24.  I wear a Size 26 -28, or even a Size 30 in a tight fitting jean.  I am way larger in the waist than the average size 26-28 because I am apple shaped and I am 64.  So being able to wear a Size 24, with a fitted waist feels like a gift.  One of the things I love is that ASOS Curve defines the shape of the clothing, “fit and flare” or “body con”.

This pinafore also comes in a tartan plaid, with a collar, precious.

ASOS Curve Denim Pinafore: U.S. Size 24
Torrid Twist Tee from FatToo Grand: Size 4X
Bob’s Belts: Black Stretch Belt Size 3X (50-52) I have been wearing these belts for years with my work dress pants.
Sock Dreams: I found these Pink, Over the Knee Socks, by searching for plus size, Over the Thigh, but I wear them as knee highs. Sock Dreams is the best I have found for a variety of socks, BUT, read descriptions carefully, many of the plus sized items do not fit my 18″ calf.
Avenue Elsa Boot: Size 9.5W

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Photo: Leori Gill

12 thoughts on “Review – ASOS Curve Pinafore Denim Dress

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  2. This color pink makes you just GLOW. Fab, fab color on you. That denim dress rules as well.

  3. oh my.. i wasn’t so sure of this dress when i saw it at ASOS but the way you have styled it I love it..

  4. So, I love pinafores and I absolutely love how you look in this one! And, of course now I want to get one for myself (but in plaid)! :p

  5. AHHHHHHHHHH I’m so glad someone my size has gotten this dress and reviewed it. I NEED this dress I was just so scared it wouldn’t fit my size 28/30 frame. 🙂 I’m gonna have to nab this one!

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