Fractured Friday v01/11/12

My friend Catherine Gacad ask me to be a guest blogger on her “Money Monday” series because my husband and I retired early.  I worked in the financial industy for 35 years in addition to my husband, Tom Mingle, being a strong influence on my spending habits.  It is pretty basic advice. but I wanted to include it in case you were interested. Thanks for the invitation Catherine, I look forward to posting about other financial subjects.


amberMy friend Amber Clisura, a blogger, a designer and one of my fashion heroes, is writing a “tutorial” on How to Dress for the Edwardian Ball.  I thought you might enjoy reading her piece about a very unusual event.


Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 1.49.55 PM

The Four Seasons by Frederic Aranda – Christine Suppes wearing Chanel couture


From Sex + Design          (With Levi Ripley)

787_10151267271899926_120485539_n (1)_________________________________________________________

From Sex + Design  Can you believe this is a PENCIL drawing? Incredible!

More by artist Diego Fazio



floating by Fat Girl Posing from Flickr

fat girl floating


Happiness arises as a result of different causes and conditions. If you harm someone out of anger, you may feel some superficial satisfaction, but deep down you know it was wrong. Your confidence will be undermined. However, if you have an altruistic attitude, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in the presence of others.  Dali Lama


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  1. Thanks Ali Baba, I am going to write a little more about finances now and then. I will be sure to post here about those posts. Thanks for being such a loyal reader.

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