Sequins and Fire

I bought this dress because I love the tiny sequins, they feel so much more secure than to larger ones.  But it does not really wow me when I wear it.  It is only a 3X and I really wear a 4X, but it is big in the shoulders or the neck, or maybe it is the sheath shape.  But since I was going to a funky-fun attire sort of evening at The Crucible I thought I would take it out for a spin, and I got a lot of compliments on it. I am 5’5″ and weigh exactly 275 lbs. (per the Doctor’s scale last Monday) and the leggings would not fit anyone larger than I am that is an apple shape. I wanted to show you  a close up of the bracelets since I am wearing them almost daily. Some of the bangle bracelets from Torrid do not fit over my big hands but these did and they amuse me. ( I did not wear the boots, at the last minute I changed into little black flats ;D)  Ciao Bellas…affinity

Dress: DKNYC Size 3X – Macys
Silver Leggings: Figuresque  – Queen Size up to 275 lbs
Bracelets: Torrid – Mashup of 2 sets
Boots: Avenue Size 9.5W
I thought you might like to see a little more about the event so I have added some photos.

And this last photo is part of the entertainment for the evening: This is a Tesla Coil and Omega Recoil, the man in the fireproof/electricproof suit is lighting a lightening bolt on fire. Quite Amazing

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  1. So awesome. I dig it! The bracelets deserve the close-up, for sure. & I think the dress is quite great on you.

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