Last night some of my colleagues from The Wyatt Company in the 90s, Denise Spencer and Deborah Rochelle, gave me a little retirement party, which morphed into a reunion. I was thrilled to see everyone. There were about 15 of us who worked together for 4 years with no turnover (during THAT recession) so we got very close and they taught me all I know about ERISA.  The party was at Denise & Paul’s fabulous Sausalito  condo, overlooking the Bay.  Aside from great hugs and the camaraderie of old friends the highlight of my evening was when one of my colleagues told me I had been the best colleague he had ever worked with.  Eight more working days until retirement...affinity

This dress is my go-to dress for afternoon parties, daytime events, dinner out on vacation.  Not really dressy but dressy enough.  I have loved it.

Dress: Big on Batik: Size 3-4 or XL, since it is over 5 years old they do not really make anything quite like this any more, but they do carry some 8Xs and a variety of styles.

I also wanted to include a recipe for the favorite Carrot Salad which I took to the party.  It is a little spicy and a little sweet, my favorite combination:  Spiced and Roasted Multi-Colored Organic Carrots