Our Guest – Jenny Strauss

Yesterday when I was perusing Facebook I fell in love with this skirt that Jenny Strauss is wearing, especially the petticoat peeking out at the bottom, and asked her if I could blog it.  So I was even more excited when she told me that the skirt was custom made by Peach Berserk in Toronto.  Peach Berserk’s tag line is Funky Clothes – Painted Clothes – Hand Printed Women’s Wear, which I find very promising for my future wardrobe, and as her friend points out “I love their design your own dress page!!!”

Jenny Says:  They have prints, fabrics, colors, and you pick them all with the style you want. Mix and match fabulousness. The top was a gift from my mom maybe 18 years ago so not much I can say about that. The leggings are IDEA from ReDress (got them at the NOLOSE conference in Oakland last year). Shoes are Fluevogs, style: Mini Gorgeous. Necklace from a boutique on the Oregon coast. Glasses Jean LaFont. Hair, Jenny. 🙂

So welcome Jenny, looking forward to seeing more of you here at Affatshionista…affinity

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